Everyone knows someone who has been touched by this epidemic.
No parent should have to bury their child…
Especially because they made one bad choice.

What do you do after you have bonded them out of jail, paid for detox and rehab several times and it didn’t work? This program is for you.

You have bonded them out of jail before, paid for detox and rehab. You may have done this several times. You can’t stand leaving them in jail but reality is rehab is expensive and you’re getting taped out and you hate to say it but  tired of paying all this money and sticking your neck out there again only for them to walk out of rehab and hit the streets again. If you’ve had the feeling that at least if they are in jail they aren’t out overdosing then it’s time to try something new.

Are you looking for a solution that can make this the last time?

Here is how it works. It starts out at the time of the bond. The bondsman and co-signers have the ability to place “Bond Conditions” on the bond. This means a bond condition “requiring the defendant to wear a GPS Monitor and remain in the Recovery Home” can be placed on the bond. The defendant if they Choose to be bonded out wears a GPS monitor on their leg with geo tracking that alerts if they leave. They know that their choice to leave is a choice to go back to jail.

Why is the moment they are bonded out of jail the most important?

First, jail is not rehab and does no good for an addict to be forced detox which usually last 5 – 10 days. Beyond that, their incarceration does nothing to help them deal with their addiction.

Second, when an addict spends time in jail and is then released, they go back to using. This is the most dangerous time for overdosing because most people go back to using the same amount yet their tolerance levels have gone way down from not using while locked up.

Third, when someone is in jail they want out and fast. Usually parents hear their voice and they sound so much clearer minded and healthier sounding. They say things like this is the last time, I’m so tired of this life, I am going to change, I have really woken up and am just done with this life and using. I want help. Most of them mean it while they’re sober, but once they are let out and left to themselves, they can’t control the urge to do it one more time. This is compounded when they are in relationships with someone who is using.

Frankly I am sure we are talking about a child that is over the age of 18 which means that you can’t talk them into not being an addict and you can’t force them to make the right choices. This is an opportunity to offer them a way out of jail and sleep at night knowing they are not going to walk out of rehab and overdose. You are giving them the opportunity to make their first choice which is to go to rehab and know when they go they are not leaving. They know they can’t get away and they aren’t gonna be out having a fun night because they will be on the way back to jail.

The first couple weeks out of jail confinement when it is their choice to stay sober and work their program is usually the toughest. When they are in jail they simply have no choice but to stay in jail but when they are in rehab they do have a choice they can walk out the door at that moment of weakness, or when a situation occurs that makes them angry whatever the case may be. With the GPS and Bail Bond Conditions placed on them they know they won’t be able to just leave on a whim  and use because bounty hunters are coming and they will go to jail. It makes them think and be more accountable for their actions and gives them strength to choose to stay or suffer the consequences.

How does my cuffs and jail of GPS and bail program work?

It starts with preparing standard applications for the bail bond. I have several different recovery homes that you can talk to find the right one. We can discuss your options, insurance or acquiring insurance immediately that will pay for their recovery. The GPS contract will be completed. The Recovery Home, GPS Monitoring, Jail Pick Up is all scheduled. I schedule a talk with the house manager of the recovery, the defendant and myself to discuss the rules.

What are the other important reasons this program could be useful?

If the defendant is on house arrest in the recovery home it is possible to later negotiate day for day credit toward time served as part of a plea deal on their case.

While out of jail on bond, having any contact with law enforcement is simply bad for their existing case. Getting into trouble or picking up another case can make the difference between them finding a life of recovery or being incarcerated and not breaking the cycle.

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My name is Chad Conley and I am tired of watching our kids die of overdosing!
Every one is important. These children are our future!

Watch Behind the Curtain in Orange County Video below and you will understand