Cypress Jail Information

Bail Bondsman Serving Cypress Jail

Cypress Jail
5275 Orange Ave
Cypress, CA – 90630
Phone: 714-229-6652
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If a person is arrested in or near Cypress, California, there is a good chance he or she will be taken to Cypress Jail, located at 5275 Orange Ave Cypress, CA 90630. This is the city jail for the City of Cypress, and the first place most inmates are taken when arrested inside the city limits or in the surrounding area. The Cypress Jail commonly functions as a temporary holding facility for people charged with non-violent crimes, such as shoplifting, public intoxication or driving under the influence. In these types of crimes, a bail bond company can be helpful in ensuring a swift and simple release from jail.

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In non-violent crimes, bail is usually set at a standard rate at the time of arrest. To be released from jail, a person must pay all or a portion of this bail. In many cases, the bail will be reimbursed once the suspect has complied with all subsequent court dates and judge’s orders. But, getting the money up front in a timely manner is not always easy. That’s where a bail bond company comes in. A bail bond company pays the bail up front, allowing the person to get out of jail. Then, once free, the person pays back the money along a scheduled timeline with a small amount of interest. Many bail bond companies are located conveniently adjacent to the Cypress jail, and many stay open 24 hours a day to assist people who have been arrested.

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Costa Mesa Jail

Bail Bonds Service for Costa Mesa Jail

Costa Mesa Jail
99 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa , CA – 92626-6535
Phone: 714-754-5113
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The Costa Mesa Jail at 99 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa, California, is a 32 bed jail facility. People who are arrested by the Cosa Mesa Police are housed in this facility. The facility houses arrestees who are released within 1 to 2 days and inmates that are either workers or waiting for court dates. Some inmates waiting for court at this jail are housed here unless they go to court unless they are transferred to the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. The visiting hours at the Costa Mesa Jail are Monday through Saturday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and on Sundays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The telephone line at the Costa Mesa Jail is available 24 hours and is 714-754-5113.

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If you know someone that is in the Costa Mesa Jail that needs a bail bond, then there are a few ways to contact a bail bondsman. You can contact a bail bondsman by phone. You can also contact one through the Internet via a bail bondsman’s website. The common forms of payment accepted by bail bondsmen are major credit cards, cash, and checks. Some bail bondsmen even make payment plans. It is recommended that you contact a bail bondsman soon after the arrest in order to expedite the bail process and have that person released within hours. Otherwise, if the person is transferred to the Orange County Jail, then it may take a few days to process bail.

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Santa Ana Jail Information

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Central Jail (Men & Women) 
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana , CA – 92703
Phone: 714-647-4666
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Incarceration in the Central Jail located at 550 N. Flower St. in Santa Ana, CA is anything but a pleasurable experience. The cells are small and cold. Your cell mates are not exactly the cream of society’s crop and the corrections officers will have little to no compassion for your situation. The lighting is harsh and the sleeping accommodations are abysmal. The “bathroom” is an open, shared toilet with no privacy afforded to the user. This is a prison after all.

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Finding yourself in this predicament is not as hard as you might think. A simple traffic stop could turn into a visit to this establishment. If this happens, you will have few choices available to you. Your best bet is to quickly call a bail bond company. They can help get you processed out quickly. Bail bondsmen know the system and how to work with it to help. Their services come at a price, but it’s better than staying in jail. Once you are out, you can find a law firm and make arrangements to them to get your legal issues resolved. This will be easier to handle in the privacy of your home than in a crowded holding cell or common area. The process will be daunting and support from family and friends will be crucial to you, especially if you are innocent of the charges being listed against you.

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Carson Jail

Carson Jail Information

Carson Jail
21356 S. Avalon Blvd.
Carson , CA – 90745
Phone: 310-830-1123
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Carson Jail is located in Carson, CA and also serves the cities of Gardena, Rancho Dominguez, Torrance, and Harbor City. Carson Jail holds people who have been arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Processing an inmate includes a search, fingerprinting, and photographing, which can take up to 5 hours. Carson Jail can only hold a few people at a time, with overflow going to the Men’s Central Jail or Women’s Lynwood Jail in downtown Los Angeles. After an inmate’s arraignment, they will also be transferred to the Central Jail or Lynwood jail to be held.

A bail bond can help get an inmate out of Carson Jail quickly. The process typically takes as little as an hour for the inmate to be released. If the inmate is transferred to either the Men’s Central Jail or Women’s Lynwood jail in downtown Los Angeles, the bail bond process can take much longer, up to 24 hours before the inmate is released. It is much easier and much more efficient to bail an inmate out of the Carson Jail before they are transferred to a larger facility. The average bail for an inmate at Carson Jail is $20,000. A bail bond can be posted after an individual acting on behalf of the inmate pays from 10-15% of the bail as a non-refundable fee to a bail bondsman.

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Buena Park Jail

Buena Park City Jail

Buena Park Jail
6650 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park , CA – 90620
Phone: 714-562-3939
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The Buena Park City Jail is a facility that processes an estimate of over five thousand juveniles and adults that have been arrested each year. This facility is primarily for detainees that have yet to be sentenced and are waiting to be either transferred to another facility or to be arraigned in court. Fully trained jailers, whom provide continuous monitoring to ensure the safety and well-being of the detainees, maintain the jail itself twenty-four-seven. A bail bond company could potentially assist not only the detainees held at The Buena Park City Jail, but the jail facility itself.

Providing a bail bond allows the detainee to be released from the jail facility and return to their daily lives of working and supporting their families without tying up money that could be spent on bills or a lawyer. Being released on bail prevents many consequences of long term detainment, such as having children sent to foster care, loss of employment, and loss of property to collection agencies. Bail bonds also benefit the detainee’s personal safety and comfort. Without the option of being released on bail, a detainee could face problems of overcrowding such as unclean, uncomfortable, and unhealthy conditions, not to mention injury or even death. The Buena City Park Jail itself may also benefit from bail bond companies, as they can assist in preventing liability from overcrowding and can greatly reduce the cost of incarceration spent each year with taxpayer money.

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Anaheim Jail

Anaheim Detention Facility

Public can not get all inmate information by calling jail. Call Chad for complete booking information and charges 855-223-2423


425 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA – 92805 Click here for driving instructions

For Inmate Information Or To Post Bail At Anaheim Jail Call 855-223-2423

Today in Anaheim, California there will be dozens of arrests. The charges will vary from failing to appear in court for traffic citations, petty theft, vandalism, and even assault or more serious charges. Those arrested by the police will likely be taken to the Anaheim Detention Facility at 425 South Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, CA. The facility is small, only housing 120 male and female inmates for both felony and misdemeanor offenses. For most offenses this is only a waiting area until the prisoner is transported to the Orange County Jail. Should a person find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Anaheim it is important to know their rights and options. It is possible to post bail for release from custody. bail-bonds-anaheim Bail is used as a promissory deposit of good faith that the accused will appear in court at the prescribed date. Judges have standard bails for common offenses. An inmate should post bail quickly to avoid being transported to the Orange County Jail and spending more time in custody. If a prisoner cannot afford the bail then they may need to rely on a Bail Bondsman or company. The process is relatively straightforward. The inmate or a representative of the detained contacts the company and pays a small percentage to them as a down payment (usually 10%) of the amount required with the company providing the remaining amount. The Bail Bond Company is an important asset helping many citizens pay expensive bails and obtaining release from jail. To call the Anaheim Jail call 714-765-1900

How Prop 103 Changed Rebate Restrictions for Bail Premiums

It seems that some confusion still exists when it comes to understanding rebates on bail premiums.  I would like to demystify the rebate debate with the following outline:

In November 1988, voters passed Proposition 103, also known as the Insurance Rate Reduction and Reform Act, in an outcry to circumvent skyrocketing insurance premiums.  One result of Proposition 103—it repealed certain provisions of the Insurance Code that prohibited premium rebates.  However, Section 1851 of the Insurance Code excludes certain classes of insurance from premium rebates; yet “surety” is not one of excluded classes, and bail falls under the surety classification.

In 1995 the State Supreme Court ruled against an attempt to exclude surety from Proposition 103 made by Amwest Surety in the case Amwest Surety Ins. Co. v. Wilson.  This decision precluded Amwest Surety’s legislative attempts to exclude surety from Proposition laws 103 as well.

Further, Section 2054.4 of the California Code of Regulation, which prohibits rebates in connection with bail transactions, was deemed invalid by a court ruling on the case Pacific Bonding Corporation v. John Garamendi, Insurance Commissioner in February 2004.  The ruling was based on the fact that because Section 2054.4 was broader in scope than the provisions in Sections 1800 through 1823 of the Insurance Code (which regulate bail licensure) there was no statutory basis for the regulation; and further, Section 2054.4 tracked the language of certain former Insurance Code Sections that were repealed under Proposition 103, which also repealed statutory basis for the regulation.

Basically, the impact of the above actions on the bail business boils down to the fact that bail bonds are regulated under Proposition 103, which provides for premium rebates as long as they are not unfairly discriminatory. Visit Chad The Bail Guy for more bail bond information.

Choosing the Best Orange County Bail Bonds Agent

Everyone wants great service when choosing a bail agent, but what is service when it comes to getting bailed out of jail?

If you have a client who has been arrested for the first time, they are probably not thinking about how the kind of service they receive from a bail agent will impact their case; they just want someone who can get them out from behind bars. Let this recent situation illustrate exactly how bail bond agents should provide service:

I attended a bail hearing on behalf of a client. The case included a co-defendant, and bail had been set at $25,000 for both defendants. The defendant’s attorney called me to discuss bail and said that she would fight for OR or a bail reduction, and my response was, “Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less.” I attended the bail hearing prepared to post bail immediately upon the judge’s ruling, if necessary. The attorney’s request for a bail reduction was granted, and bail was reduced to $10,000. Not only was I in court ready to post bail, I charged my client an 8% bond premium, and he qualified for the Prop 103 rebate, reducing his overall premium to $600.00.

Unfortunately for the co-defendant, his bail agent did not appear in court, rather posted bail instantly upon hearing the initial bail amount of $25,000, and because the bond had been posted prior to the bail hearing, the judge would not reduce his bail amount. The co-defendant was charged a 10% premium based on the $25,000 bail amount. This could have been avoided if Bail Agent “X” (who was an experienced agent with one of the top 10 bail agencies) had taken the time to show-up in court. Consequently, his client was stuck with paying a premium of $2,500.00—lucky for Bail Agent X; not so lucky for his client.

My client was not only thankful for the reduced bail amount, but was grateful that I didn’t act in haste just to make a buck. I was prepared and I cared enough to show-up in court, posted bail based on a reduced amount and made sure he got the best premium possible.

As we all know, bail amounts can decrease (or increase) on a judge’s ruling. At Chad Conley Bail Bonds our job is to attend bail hearings to make sure that bail is posted after the judge has given a final ruling, not before you’ve had a chance to fight for a reduction.
For fast, ethical service with the best pricing possible, call us now toll free at:
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This happened to one of my clients – Let it happen to yours?

Bail Bondsman in Santa Ana, CA

Bail Bonds in Santa Ana

If you need help with a bail bond then Chad Conley Bail Bonds is the company you need to talk to. They specialize in all types of bail bonds, including domestic violence and sexual assault bonds. They can service most varieties of felony bonds and can help you get out on bond in order to more focus on the particulars of your case. Here is a list of the services that Chad Conley Bail Bonds can offer you:1. Sex Crimes

Chad Conley Bail Bonds has a litany of experience in all types of bail bond situations involving sex crimes. They can be distressing and humiliating for the person accused, and that is why you need a knowledgeable bail bondsman on your side. Chad Conley’s service can help you make bail in a discreet manner and without judgment. They understand what requirements are usually mandated, such as electronic monitoring while out on bail and can help you navigate through this thorny process.

2. 1275 PC Hearings

A 1275 PC Hearing is basically a hearing that determines if bail money can be obtained in a legal manner. We at Chad Conley Bail Bonds have been doing these kinds of hearings for many years and are aware of the various parts of it. In many cases, a 1275 hearing is simply routine.

3. Flexible payment plans.

Finally, we can offer you flexible payment plans sometimes with as little as 3% down on your bail. Call Chad Conley Bail Bonds today to get this process started!

Need a bail bond in orange county?

Getting into jail is the most embarrassing situation that someone can get into. Getting a bail bondsman might seem to be very scary and can cause panic. But wait!! Here comes Chad Conley Bail Bond Service to save you – the best in Orange County. We provide bail bond service throughout Orange County and also in parts of Los Angeles. The Owner and Founder, Chad Conley bring his immense experience in this field to this company and understands the criminal justice system very well. Cases of Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes are taken care of pretty well by the experienced group of dedicated people working 24/7. Getting caught for domestic violence not only causes damage to the reputation of the accused but causes trauma to the family members too. We ensure that the case remains confidential and does not harm the victim after being released. Clear explanation of all the costs, right from initial payment, down payment and late fees including the interest costs. Chad Conley Bail Bond Service gets you out of jail and makes sure you stay out of it. We also manage to release people who have warrants issued against them of any kind. Arrests can make the members of the family of the victim go under severe mental, emotional and financial stress. The main aim of the owner is to bring back the victim of arrest to normalcy by providing swift and quality service. Whatever may be the case of arrest, do not worry or panic just contact Chad the Bail Guy and you are assured of a release sooner than later.