Alcohol Monitoring being used for Child Custody Court

MEMS3000 VBVBR Overview

Case history; Father was accused of being an alcoholic and therefore had his visitation revoked.

Attorneys argued for an active alcohol monitoring device that would enable the father to visit with the child. The court ordered the father to be monitored for active alcohol consumption monitoring for 90 days to prove his sobriety while visiting with his child.

Should the father have no violations during this 90 day period, he will regain all of his visitation rights.


The MEMS3000 Receiver is a highly sensitive alcohol monitoring device (to .019%) that combines breath alcohol testing with video identity verification. The device automatically transmits breath alcohol test results and user images taken at the time of the test to the Secure Alert monitoring center for identify verification.

The MEMS3000 VBR also contains a radio frequency component which enables it to be used in conjunction with an RF transmitter for home confinement.

There are two different versions of the MEMS3000 VB and VBR to meet offenders’ needs. One that communicates using a regular telephone land line and one that uses a cellular connection to communicate.

This device monitors any alcohol consumption  24hrs per day and uploads all data/violations every 7 minutes around the clock; unlike others that merely upload information once per 24 hours..

The use of  state-of-the-art technology in custody cases raises the bar  higher. GPS GUY will provide the empirical proof/data to  irrefutably demonstrate the parent’s sobriety during child visitation.

In custody situations, one parent might be accused of being an alcoholic, thus not receiving custody as they should. When equipped with a Cam Patrol device, we monitor the paternt’s alcohol level every 7 minutes of the day, around the clock.

In the event the monitored parent consumes alcohol, the other parent, attorneys, and the court can be notified immediately.


GPS and Alcohol Monitoring 24/ 7