Anaheim Jail

Anaheim Detention Facility

Public can not get all inmate information by calling jail. Call Chad for complete booking information and charges 855-223-2423


425 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA – 92805 Click here for driving instructions

For Inmate Information Or To Post Bail At Anaheim Jail Call 855-223-2423

Today in Anaheim, California there will be dozens of arrests. The charges will vary from failing to appear in court for traffic citations, petty theft, vandalism, and even assault or more serious charges. Those arrested by the police will likely be taken to the Anaheim Detention Facility at 425 South Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, CA. The facility is small, only housing 120 male and female inmates for both felony and misdemeanor offenses. For most offenses this is only a waiting area until the prisoner is transported to the Orange County Jail. Should a person find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Anaheim it is important to know their rights and options. It is possible to post bail for release from custody. bail-bonds-anaheim Bail is used as a promissory deposit of good faith that the accused will appear in court at the prescribed date. Judges have standard bails for common offenses. An inmate should post bail quickly to avoid being transported to the Orange County Jail and spending more time in custody. If a prisoner cannot afford the bail then they may need to rely on a Bail Bondsman or company. The process is relatively straightforward. The inmate or a representative of the detained contacts the company and pays a small percentage to them as a down payment (usually 10%) of the amount required with the company providing the remaining amount. The Bail Bond Company is an important asset helping many citizens pay expensive bails and obtaining release from jail. To call the Anaheim Jail call 714-765-1900