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There are many things to compare when selecting a bail bonds company. One of the first things would be am I dealing with a major company getting serviced by a sales agent or am I dealing with the owner? Does the person on the phone have the authority to make decisions? Just when they sign you up or when there is a problem? You need a professional bail bond agent that is there not only to sell you on using them to post a bond but to help all the way threw your case.

Secondly, make sure that the testimonials have real names and phone numbers. Its hard to collect recommendations as a bondsman that is why most websites have only testimonials with no real way of being able to tell if they were written by a real client or a webmaster.

My recommendations all have real names and phone numbers. I am highly recommended by many professionals and attorneys.

Price, payment plans, down payments, monthly payments, total bond premium cost, annual renewal fees and reinstatement fees are some of the things to compare.

I will help you understand what to compare and how to compare bail bond costs.

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