Bail Bonds for the gay and lesbian community

Bail Bonds for the gay and lesbian community

There is lots of personal information taken for a bail bond from both the person in jail and the person cosigning. You should be able to do this knowing that it is cared for and confidential. There is a wide variety of different types of bondsman from street sales to Internet talk. Nobody wants to deal with “Spike The Bounty Hunter” or a Home Boy for a Bondsman! If you want a caring and professional bondsman that loves helping and is good what he does.

Call me now 714-361-2348 Chad Conley.

I have lived and been in business 16 years in Laguna Beach CA working with our gay and lesbian community more than any other bondsman. I treat each and every person with care, respect and give them the best price out there. My prices never start high if you don’t know how things work. I will explain everything so that you understand and feel comfortable and have clear ways to compare. You will find that I have the lowest cost and lowest prices!

Check their references!! Do Professionals use them?

Not just website testimonials with a John Doe name and no phone number.

I have recommendations from 40 attorneys. I am the professional choice. Please visit “Who recommends Chad” page on our website.

Qualifications for bonds are not just based on credit report as many people believe. They are based on several things such as who co signer for the defendant will be, job history length of time, income, if there will be more than one co signer, how long you have lived at you residence, history in city or county.  You do not need to own property. Collateral is not always needed.

What is the difference in service: You are an important client and should be treated that way.

  • Clear explanation of what forms you will be filling out and the responsibility associated
  • No Haggle Pricing
  • Payment Plans that work for you
  • Clear explanation of terms
  • Is there an annual renewal fee (bonds expire 1 year)
  • What happens if there was an accident and I didn’t make it to court on time? Will they rewrite the bond or forfeit you and take you to jail? What are the cost?
  • Is there interest on payments?
  • Do they write Prop 103 Bail Agent Commission Rebates?

The bond company is ultimately responsible for you showing up to court. They assess risk and have the right to surrender you at anytime. Your money will not be returned unless you go to a hearing in court and win it back. This can be a huge hassle and be distracting in an already difficult time.

Hidden cost: Make sure you consider the hidden costs such as annual renewal fees, reinstatement fees, late payment fees and interest.

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