LA County Inmate Locate, Bail Bond Posting and Release Times

What is the first step in bailing someone out of jail in Los Angeles County?
When someone is arrested in LA County Chad Conley Bail Bonds can help. There are lots of questions that are associated with the bail bond process and most people don’t have the time to learn it in minutes as they stress to get their friend or family out of jail in a hurry.
Let’s start with what you will need to know when you call a bail bondsman. The first thing we will ask is your name and number. This is to be able to call you back should the call be lost, dropped or they need to locate who was arrested and call you back with information regarding their arrest, charges and bond.
The second thing is the arrestee’s name and DOB/ date of birth. This is what is used to locate them in the jail system or get booking information.
Third we will ask either the city or approximate location and time to know where to start. It is helpful if you know what agency actually arrested them.
Why is the arresting agency and time of arrest important? While County jails have computer websites that inmates can be found once they are booked the smaller jails do not. If you are arrested and taken to a city jail you will be booked and processed there. City jails to not house inmates so usually once you are booked if you do not quickly post a bail bond you will be transferred to the larger LA County jail. Once you arrive at the LA County Twin Tower Jail you will be booked and processed there all over again. When this happens you will be entered into the computer system where locating you becomes much easier.
Often times a bail bond can be posted at the local city jail and their release time will be hours sooner not to mention they would not have to go through the horrible booking process at the LA County Twin Towers Jail. The booking time for a smaller city jail is usually a couple of hours with a release time of 30 minutes to two hours while being transferred means transfer time plus a 6 to 10 hours booking time before an bail bond can be posted and then 6 to 10 hours release time after the bail bond has been posted/ accepted. We ask the approximate time they were arrested so we have an idea of whether they may still be at the local city jail or if they may have already been transferred. This helps us know where to start looking first to locate the inmate faster or to know if they may be in the middle of a transfer.
Another reason we ask what Police or Sheriff Department arrested them is because not all arrests are made in Los Angeles County are by LA Police Department or LA County Sheriff Department. The arrestee could have either had a warrant from another County and that County Sheriff came to make the arrest. They could also have been arrested by LA County for a warrant in another County. If they were arrested by a County Sheriff other than LA County they would not be taken to LA County Main Jail Facility and booked so while we know they were arrested in LA County they may be miles away being booked. This is obviously when it gets more complicated unless we know what agency actually made the arrest.
Once we have located the arrestee we should know there booking number, booking information, if they have a bail bond amount, have any bail holds and are considered bondable. How much the bond amount has been set for and in most Counties what their charges are. Now it’s time to get the bail bond process started!
If you need help with a LA County Bail Bond please call me. My name is Chad Conley owner of Chad Conley Bail Bonds. My toll free 24 hours a day number is 855-223-2423

Is there a difference? There are a lot of bail bond companies that advertise LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

There are a lot of bail bond companies that advertise LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The question is why? Are they LGBT owned? Does it mean they care more or are they simply trying to reel you in based on search engines? If you asked most of them they simply wouldn’t have a good answer off the cuff. Some may have forgotten that their web designer even put that on their website.
The bail bond is the same whether you are lesbian or gay right? Your bond should cost the same right? Do you get a special discount or a LGBT bondsman that is sent out?
The answers is simple really. First off there are not special discounts for LGBT bail bonds and the prices should be the same for everyone. There are few LGBT bail bondsman and frankly you most likely aren’t going to ask them when you call if they are or just advertising it and really it shouldn’t matter.
As far as caring I believe that a person is either very caring or their not. They either love helping people or they don’t. They either love their job or they don’t. These are qualities that one possesses no matter what their gender, gender preference is or who they are dealing with.
So what is the real difference and what is important? Well not everyone involved in the arrest process may be caring or be there to help. When someone is arrested they are taken to jail and while city jails are smaller and have either few people in the holding cell or even a private cell the county jails are far more crowded. First people are thrown in a catch all cell that has every kind of person that is arrested. During the booking process you will be fingerprinted, photographed, interviewed and a national background check is performed. The interview process will ask you about yourself and if you are housed they will usually segregate people for safety based on ethnicity, background, medical and sexual preference. However until this happens you are left to fin for yourself in general population holding tanks with lots of very prejudice types of people of all crime statuses. Timing is important especially if you are arrested in a local city jail and there usually is an ability to post a bail bond there prior to being transferred to the county jail.
Your relationship with your bail bondsman goes far beyond the initial application process. It is a relationship until your case is completely over. It usually starts with a friend or family member meeting to file out applications and present ID. You want to know that who you are meeting is not only caring about who is in jail but also who is out getting paperwork prepared for your bond. You will possibly be meeting someone you don’t know in an unusual location like a parking structure at the jail. You may even be planning to pay cash to whom you meet. Once the bond is posted the defendant will have to deal with the bondsman as well once they are out to also fill out their paperwork and present ID and possibly make payments along the way. The bail bond company will be in charge of your bond and freedom until your case is over. So although it does not matter if your bondsman is LGBT it does matter that they care and respect you.
Bottom line is that it shouldn’t matter whether you bail bondsman is lesbian, gay straight, bisexual or transgender. It should only matter that they are extremely caring, very fast and extremely professional. That they offer low cost bail bond pricing, payment plans and take visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover as well as cash. They should treat you like a client because you are! My name is Chad Conley the owner of Chad Conley Bail Bonds and I love what I do and it shows. I care about every person I post a bail bond for and treat them as valuable clients who I perform a service for. My clients are important to me no matter who they are or what size their bond is. If you need a bail bond then please call me so I can help at toll free 855-223-2423. I will walk you thru the process, respect your privacy, explain how it works, what all the cost involved are and treat you and your family as an important client should be treated. If you have a warrant or someone needs bail bond information please call me or visit my website or call me at 855-223-2423 now. We regularly post bail bonds in Orange County, LA/ Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County California. I regularly beat everyone’s prices. I also have true online E Signature applications that allows you to apply and pay from your own home without leaving. No printer, fax or scanner needed.

Bail Bond booking and release times for Orange County IRC Jail and LA County Jails and when a bond can be posted

In County jail a bail bond cannot be posted until after the defendant is fully booked and processed. This used to take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete, however for several months now this process has been averaging closer to 6-8 hours. There are several things that change booking time the first is how busy the jail is at the time. While this makes up for a big part of the county jail booking process it is not the only thing that determines when a bail bond can be posted. Other things that hold the bail bond posting up are alcohol level if they were brought in on a DUI/ driving under the influence, jailor staff shift changes, problems in a department that require jailors to attend to such as fights or riots, not having your ID when you are arrested, if you have ever used an AKA or alias name, medical problems such as heart rate or whether you are currently on a medication or if you say something to them that makes them feel you would hurt yourself etc. During this time the defendant will be photographed, fingerprinted, interviewed and need to undergo a nationwide warrant check. The warrant check is generally the reason that booking takes so long because it often takes several hours for these results to be processed. Once the warrant check comes back the jailer will mark the defendant clear for bail. Once someone is clear a bondsman is then able to post your bail bond. The release process once a bail bond is posted is generally about the same amount of time as booking process for you to finally be released from jail.
Los Angeles County Jail usually takes roughly two hours longer than Orange County Jail for both booking and release process. However if you are arrested at a local city jail such as Laguna Beach Jail, Newport Beach Jail, Fullerton jail, Buena Park Jail or Anaheim Jail the booking and release process is substantially faster so long as you quickly post a bond prior to being transferred to the County Jail facility.
If you are arrested at a city jail that takes bail bonds then posting one prior to being transferred can save you hours. Generally you are booked at the smaller city jail and then if you do not post a bail bond they will transfer you to the county jail. Once at the county jail you will be booked all over again prior to being able to post a bail bond. Most city jails will book you within 30 minutes to 2 hours and you will be ready to post your bond. Their release times are generally about 15 minutes to 2 hours and you walk out of jail. This is why it is very important to call a Chad Conley Bail Bonds at 855-223-2423 right away when you have been arrested so we can find out what jail you are in and start the bail bond process immediately. If you have any questions regarding bail bonds or someone you know has just been arrested please call me right away. I can help locate the jail they are in and try to post the bond prior to transfer at the lowest available cost. I will make sure you understand what all the costs are associated with posting a bail bond and that you get the best service at the same time.

Murrieta Jail Southwest Detention Center

Bail Bonds Service Murrieta

Southwest Detention Center
30755 Auld Rd.
Murrieta, CA – 92563
Phone: 951-696-3050
Pick up – Release – Guide


30755 Auld Road, Murrieta, CA 92563


View from Auld Rd.
Turn righT into parking lot. The Police and Sheriff are the same building straight back. The Court entrance is back and left.
chad conley bail bonds

Please call me if you have any questions.
Chad Conley 


The Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta, CA, is one of the jails run by the Riverside County Sheriffs’ Department. The other jails in Riverside include the Blythe Jail, Indio Jail, Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, and Robert Presley Detention Center. Depending on where in Riverside County a person is arrested, they may be booked into any one of those jails. Those who are arrested near the Southwest Detention Center will be booked there. Those who wish to visit an inmate at the Southwest Detention Center must make an appointment, calling at least the day before the requested visit. At most, two adults and two children are allowed to see the inmate, and visits are limited to two per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

A bail bond company can help those who are arrested and held at the Southwest Detention Center, or any of the jails in Riverside County. Typically, a bail bond company will pay the bail of the accused, in return for a percentage of the bail amount (usually around 10% of the total bond amount.) This bail is paid to ensure that the accused will show up for all hearings and submit to custody upon conviction. The fee paid to the bail bond company is non-refundable and serves as the incentive for bail bond companies to put up the full bail amount. You can find a variety of bail bond companies in Riverside by doing an Internet search or by consulting a phone book or the local Bar Association.

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Robert Presley Detention Center

Bail Bonds Service for Riverside County Main Jail – Robert Presley Detention Center

Robert Presley Detention Center
4000 Orange St
Riverside, CA – 92501
Phone: 951-955-4500
Click here for driving instructions

bail bonds riverside

Robert Presley Detention Center is one of Riverside County Sheriff’s Main Jails. Most people arrested in Riverside will be booked here. The booking process usually takes 6 to 8 hours to complete. If someone has been arrested we can get the process started and be ready when the booking is complete to post a bail bond. We can find out what part of the process they are in, what they are being charged with and how much their bond will be. I will explain all you options, discuss time frames, cost and payment options.

We have local agent close to the jail that can come to you

Our process is simple with most bonds requiring

  • ID – Generally this can be text or emailed
  • Application – We have an easy online application that you can do from your home
  • Payment (we accept all forms of credit and debit cards, cash, cashiers check)

I can explain the entire bail bond process so you can make an educated decision

Conley – Owner – Chad Conley Bail Bonds – 855-233-2423

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Riverside County Jail

Riverside County Bail Bondsman

Riverside County Jail
4000 Orange St
Riverside, Ca – 92501
Phone: 951-955-4500
Click here for driving instructions

riverside county bail bonds service

The Riverside County Jail is located at 4000 Orange Street in Riverside, California. The Zip Code is 92501, and the phone number is 951-955-4500. The Riverside County Jail is also known as the Robert Presley Detention Center. The facility is located in downtown Riverside. Typically, this facility has various visiting times for inmates between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., seven days a week. Visitors are required to have appointments scheduled ahead of time before showing up. The closest major road way is highway 91, which is east of this facility. Within walking distance from the detention center there are a number of restaurants, theaters, dance studios and museums.

A bail bond company should be used by anyone who has to spend time at this facility. A variety of bonds are available at most bail bond companies. Anyone who wants to get out of jail can obtain assistance from a bail bond company. A bail bond company can also recover fugitives. Different bond options are available based on a person’s situation, and bail amount. The use of a federal bail bond may be used if one is accused of a federal crime. There are other bonds available, which includes; immigration bonds, cash bonds, property bonds, and surety bonds. These bonds are based on the level of the offense and the schedule of the bond.

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Palm Springs Jail

Palm Springs Bail Bonds Service

Palm Springs Jail
200 S. Civic Dr.
Palm Springs, CA – 92262
Phone: 760-323-8110
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bail bondsman palm springs

The Palm Springs Jail, located at 200 S. Civic Dr. Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (phone 760-323-8110), is a city jail, managed by the Palm Springs police. Unlike county facilities managed by the county sheriff, the city jail is a short-term facility generally used to hold prisoners after arrest and booking and before being transported to the main county jail. Initial bookings happen here with the prisoner being taken later to the county jail to await court. Anyone who is arrested and booked into the jail will usually be released once bail has been deposited. For more serious crimes, criminals are held over until they can be arraigned in court and bail.

Bail is a deposit of money that is a promise that the criminal will return to court for trial. The deposited money will be forfeited if the offender does not come back. Bail can range from a thousand dollars to a million dollars. The higher amounts will require the help of a bail bond company. The bail company receives a portion of the amount from the criminal or or friends or family, then deposits a portion or all of the amount with the court. The person is then set free from jail, pending their case. If they do not come back to court, they will be able to be arrested and even capture by the bail bond company or their agents

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Indio Jail

Bail Bonds Service In Indio Jail

Indio Jail
46057 Oasis
Indio, CA – 92201
Phone: 760-863-8252
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indio bail bonds

The Indio Jail is located at 46057 Oasis Street in Indio California, 92201. Their phone number is 760-863-8252. The Indio jail is also known as the Riverside County Jail in Indio. The facility is due south of Highway 111, and slightly southwest of Interstate 10. The jail is close in proximity to the Riverside County Superior Court, the Riverside County Fairgrounds, and Indio Fire Department. The Indio jail offers 24 hours a day restraining order for the inmates located at this facility. Other legal documents, paperwork, custody, and vehicle releases can be served and signed by inmates between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. This facility houses both male and female inmates. The facility allows visitations 7 days a week, although, it’s highly advised that you call the facility directly for particular detailed instructions.

Bail bond companies can offer invaluable services for those seeking to be released from a jail or detention center. A bail bond company can provide a variety of services, which includes locating the individual you would like to bail out. The bonds agents are in frequent contact with area facilities and usually can find incarcerated people fairly quickly. Most of the time a bail bond company would be able to determine the amount of bail, and whether or not a person will be able to take advantage of the bail services.

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Hemet Jail

Bail Bonds Service For Hemet Jail

Hemet Jail
450 E. Latham St.
Hemet, CA – 92543
Phone: 951-765-2400
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The Hemet Jail, in Riverside County, California is part of the Hemet Police Department. If arrested by Hemet Police you will be taken to the jail for processing. It is located in Hemet, CA at 450 E. Latham Street. The police station and jail are open 24 hours a day. Should you or a loved one get arrested the use of a bail bond company could be of great assistance. Being arrested is never something we want to experience, but should the situation occur it is best to be aware of services that could help you or a loved one in this difficult time. The Hemet jail has a listing of bail bond companies available to you should you need the use of one.

hemet bail bonds

Bail bonds help people get out of jail so they are not held until their court date. The time period could range from a few weeks to a few months, therefore bail bonds allow people to leave jail on the premise that they will show up for their court date. The court holds the money given for bail until the court hearing is over. Bail bonds allow people whom do not have all the bail money to get access to money to release them from jail. The bail bond company charges a small fee for their services, but typically can get people released from jail within just a few hours of their bail being set. This is an important service to remember should you be arrested. The time spent away from work while being in jail could prove financial hardship for you or your family. Bail bonds are the gap between being arrested and going to court. They allow you to be released to continue life as normal until your court date. During this time period it allows you to work closely and freely with your defense lawyer on your upcoming case. Most of us will never need this service, but being informed in the event of being arrested can make the difference between staying in jail or being released.

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Corona Jail

Bail Bonds in Corona Jail

Corona Jail
849 W. 6th St.
Corona, CA – 92882
Phone: 951-736-2330
Click here for driving instructions

Like most jails, not just in the United States, but even more so across the world, the Corona Jail at 849 W. 6th St. in Corona, CA, is not a great place to hang out. For one thing, the food is terrible and the portions are tiny. For another thing, the people that one might meet there, for instance, are almost always criminals. In addition, the other people that hang out there are almost always police officers and lawyers. Who needs that time of headache? Sitting in jail in California is like, well, not being outside in California. In other words, if one can find a way to avoid it, one should definitely take that way and avoid it.

If bail is a possibility, then this is where a bail bond company can be a great solution. Instead of sitting around in a dark, over-crowded, smelly jail, one might understandably prefer sitting at home and watching videos or playing Playstation. How can one accomplish that after being misunderstood enough to be incarcerated? Call a bail bond company. They will help out in all the useful ways—and in several ways one might not have thought of themself. And they only want a small fee in exchange. Who can put a price on freedom? The question itself may seem complicated, but the answer is simple: a bail bond company.

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