How to post a bail bond for domestic violence in Orange County

If your loved one is arrested in Orange County for Domestic violence you are likely wondering what to do next.

You probably already know that you need a bail bondsman to post bail but how do you chose one? Bail Bonds for domestic violence have a few characteristics that tend to happen more often than not unlike most other bonds in Orange County. Below I will explain the different ways to get out of jail fast and why domestic violence bonds are different.

domestic_violencePeople arrested in Orange County have a few options to get out of jail.

The Orange County Sheriff detention release may let you out OR release (Own Recognizance Release) this is a promise to appear in court without posting any bond.

You can post the full amount of the bond in cash with the sheriff. This means if the bond is $50,000 you need to pay the entire amount. It will be held the entire length of the case and returned back to you 30-90 days after the case, so long as the defendant shows up for all their court dates.

The third is a surety bail bond where you pay a non refundable premium amount for a bail bond company to put the full amount up for you. The bail agent goes to the jail and posts a bond for the amount of your bail. You pay generally between 8-10% before any rebates. Please ask about our Prop 103 rebates saving up to 25%. Chad Conley Bail Bonds have the cheapest bail bonds in Orange County.

Orange County arrests for domestic violence charges very often.

Generally you get arrested and post a bail bond and go to your court dates. Often the police accuse and arrest you forcing you to post a bond. The district attorney often files these cases late which means the court has exonerated the bond and your bondsman is done, paid and off the hook. One the DA files the charges on you up to months later your case will require a new bond. Chad Conley will not charge to rewrite the bond for the same charges and case. If your bondsman is not willing to do this you will be forced to pay for a second bail bond.

The other thing that happens often is the cosigner is the alleged victim and there is a restraining order.

This makes paperwork for a couple difficult. Chad Conley Bail Bonds will work with all parties involved separate and will help make the process a little more at ease. We have years of experience dealing with family members on all sides to make the domestic violence bail bond discreet, fast, cheap with up front cost, no hidden fees and no annual expiration. When we write your bond it will be good for the life of your case.

Should you hire an attorney or a bail bondsman first?

Bonds for domestic violence in Orange County are generally $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000. This depends on what was alleged, if this is the first time, was there blood, marks or hospitalization? The back ground of the accused is also taken into consideration such as past prison or jail history, probation or any other violent crimes in history. If your bond is set to high you have the option to ask for a bail reduction. This must happen in open court in front of the judge. You will have to wait in jail until your first court date which should be 3 days from arrest. The first court date is an arraignment and although the district attorney normally gets a 3 day notice prior to a bail hearing they often hear bail at the same time. If you plan on going for a bail hearing it is best to have your attorney discuss it ahead of time with the DA.

You also want to make sure you chose a CA licensed bail agent. You can check their license here at California Department of Insurance 

If you have any questions regarding a bail bond in orange County Ca please call me.

855-223-2423 Chad Conley Bail Bonds

855-223-2423 Chad Conley Bail Bonds

Bail Bond at Newport Beach Police

Newport Beach Police Department bail bond process

Chad Conley Bail Bonds is professional, extremely knowledgeable, caring and confidential! 855-223-2423

The Newport Beach Police Department is located at 870 Santa Barbara Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The arrestee will go through a 1- 3 hours booking process. After the booking process there is a small window of time to post a bond or the arrestee will be transferred to Orange County Sheriff.

Newport Jail only books and temporarily holds anyone arrested. If there is a bail amount and you want to post a bond you must do it quickly prior to being transferred. If transferred to Orange County will do their own booking process prior to accepting a bond. This process takes approximately 6-8 hours.

It is important the bondsman calls the jailer right away and lets them know you planning to post bond.

What is needed to post a bail bond?

You will need a bondsman that is close by and can get to the jail prior to transfer. For most bonds an ID and bail bond agreement. The bond papers can be quickly done from home with our easy online application. You do not need a fax, copier, scanner or printer. You can text or email your ID and pay with a debit/ credit card from your phone or computer.

What will the bond cost?

I offer Prop 103 rebates which can lower your bond cost as low as 6%. Please call me to discuss prices and payment options.

How long will the release process take?

Released is usually 15 – 30 minutes after your bond has been posted.

How to chose the right bail bondman?

First you want to make sure you are working with a California licensed bail bond agent. You can check any bail license with the California Department of Insurance on their website here.

Payment-planThe things you will need to compare

  • Lowest premium amount
  • Payment plans available
  • Bond is for the life of the case
  • We have easy stay home applications process
  • We are close to the jail
  • We rewrite same case late filings so you don’t pay twice


Chad Conley has experience posting many bail bonds at Newport Beach Police Department.


If you want the lowest priced bail bond, confidentiality, experience and integrity call me now.


Chad Conley Bail Bonds

Chad Conley



How to remove a PC1275 hold on a bail bond in Orange County

Removing a PC1275 bail hold in Orange County, California

To remove the hold you must request a Bail Hearing. At this hearing the judge must rule the pc1275 hold removed. After the hold is removed you will be able to post a bail bond.


Let’s start with what a PC 1275.1 hold is.

There are other complicated things that can happen with a criminal case however generally when arrested you have a bail amount set for your charges, would choose a bail bondsman and post the bond.


When there is a PC1275 hold it means that you must have the hold removed in court prior to being able to post a bail bond. This can take several days to get prepared and get on calendar in front of the judge.

These holds are generally placed on an arrestee being charged with drug sales, stolen property sales, fraud, embezzlement etc basically any charge that has to do with receiving money from illegal means.

The process is different depending on if you have just been arrested or are currently in jail with a scheduled court hearing already.


Getting a PC1275.1 Bail Hearing on calendar in front of the judge.

If you were just arrested the very first this that must happen is an Arraignment Hearing. Nothing happens until you have had and arraignment. This is the very first hearing where you go in front of a judge. The hearing will go over if you have an attorney or one will be appointed to you, why you have been arrested, what you are being charged with and ask you how do you plea. At this hearing you may request a bail hearing however the district attorney gets three days advance notice prior to this hearing should they choose. It is best to have communication between your attorney and bondsman to give notice to the district attorney as soon as possible.

Preparing for a PC1275 hearing.

Depending on how many people the money is actually coming from, what documentation they can produce makes preparing for this hearing very different on each case.

The more documentation you can supply you bondsman the better. Generally the timeframe to prepare is dictated by how quickly getting the documentation together.

Selecting a bail bondsman with real experience is utmost importance.

Here are some examples of what might be needed from different situations.



Example: If the money was coming from a family member using a credit card.

Borrowing the money from a credit card or bank loan means you don’t have it yet because you are going to borrow it. This means they did not have this money prior to being arrested or charged. In this situation I would have them fill out a standard application and produce ID. I would also have them produce a credit card statement(s) showing this is a credit card and not tied to a banking account, the money is being borrowed. I would also have them put a monthly bills list together showing they have the ability to borrow and pay back the money. Although the hearing is to prove where the money is coming from and not necessarily how this person pays it back the court will be concerned if a person does not have the income or means to pay the monthly credit card payment.

This leads to a concern that this person would put the charge on their credit card and the defendant will get out of jail and give the money to them to pay off their card. This defeats the courts purpose of the PC1275 hold. The monthly income and expense showing a disposable income that can easily pay the credit card payment is what should be done. I would also put proof of this income by including either a few paycheck stubs or bank statements.


Example: If the money is coming from a friend or family members checking or savings account.

In this situation we would take standard application, ID. We would need to prove that the money is in the account and how the money got in the account. The concern of the court will be that the defendant had cash stashed and this cosigner may have deposited the money given to them to pay for the bail bond. The longer the money has been in there the better or if it has been steadily deposited over time from a job or provable income.

We would want to show a few months statements preferably with one or more going back as far as possible. It is far better to have more than not enough. If the money came from a paycheck we would want to show several paycheck stubs and again usually a few may work but it is always best to have some from further back proving how long you have had this income. Bottom line is clearly showing where the money came from and how your bondsman writes his declaration and lays out exhibits.


Example: If the money was coming from a 401k or stocks

This is similar to a bank account where the court will want to see how the money got into the 401k or stocks. This is for several reasons first the stocks could have just been purchased or purchased with the defendant. Second the 401k could have been something the spouse was saving however intermingling of funds would be called out most likely because it could be said that while the defendant and spouse may have only been able to save that money because the defendant was using illegally gained money to cover other expenses.

Now if the money was put into the 401k over a period of many years and the defendant was accused of a one time specific embezzling charge on a specific date it could be different but if the defendant was accused of selling drugs or there is a possibility of the crime being continuous then this would make a difference.

If it comes from a family member other than a spouse questions of whether the person putting the money up has any property, accounts, borrows or has received money from the defendant should be prepared for.

If the money is coming from multiple sources or people the same process must be done for each person and each source. You can have as many people as you wish to pay for the bond but all monies must be accounted for and proved.


Can you make payments on a bail bond with a PC1275 hold?

Example: Payment plan for a bail bond with a PC175.1

The answer is yes a payment plan is acceptable but in this situation we will have to prove as laid out above where the deposit is coming from along with more detail of how and where the person(s) paying the payments will be receiving the money from they will be using to make these payments. Having a detailed income and expense list along with proof of income that shows enough disposable income to cover the payments. Generally this route will be scrutinized by the district attorney more so the the paperwork should be laid out very clearly. In addition the bail bondsman will have to guarantee the court that the only monies they will accept is money coming from the approved source and possibly the approved sources specific bank account. This is because they do not want payment arrangements approved and then cash is handed from the defendant to the bondsman or the cosigner to cover the bond payment.


Will the person(s) putting the money up for the bond need to go to court?

Although the bail bondsman can write a declaration, attach exhibits, show proof and testify under oath that they have investigated the legitimacy of who and where the funds are coming from it is always best to have the person(s) at the bond hearing who are putting the funds up for the bail bond. Again you can go to court and be kinda prepared or go to court completely prepared. Having the person there generally make the DA feel more comfortable about the paperwork presented and they are there to testify to the accuracy of the proof of answer any questions that may pop up. If your bondsman does a great job preparing your case it most likely won’t be necessary for them to actually take the stand.


What is a good reason for the person putting the funds up for the bail bond to not be at the bond hearing?

Some reasonable examples of why they could not be in court maybe they live in another state, they are very old and do not travel or leave their home, they are taking a final exam for college or a license or they are currently in the hospital. Again it is not completely necessary for them to be present in court but if they have the ability to be there they definitely should.


Is there always a bond hearing or can the PC 1275 hold be removed without a hearing?

Yes and no. Yes the the hold must be removed in open court in front of the judge whom decides to lift the hold or not however if the bondsman does a clean and clear declaration with organized exhibits that the district attorney can read and decides it is acceptable the defendants attorney can bring up the bond hearing letting the judge know that a copy has been given to the DA and they are not going to challenge it. The judge will ask the district attorney if they are satisfied and generally the judge will remove the hold without anyone taking the stand testifying.


An experienced bail bondsman is very important and this is why.

Although every bondsman wants every bond there are few that actually have experience packaging and putting on PC1275 hearings. Most will tell you they have done them and its no problem or even that they are good at them. You don’t want to find out at the hearing that they inflated their experience to get the bond.

An experienced bondsman understands that his declaration should be laid out to have a clear easy to read summary front and center instead of in the back.

They should have a great reputation and experience talking with the prosecution.

The paperwork will be clearly spelled out with labeled exhibits for each item moving down the line properly labeling corresponding document.

The summary will be written in such a way that the DA knows by the first page that its all there.

The goal is that they look at the paperwork and realize there is no reason to was their time with a hearing because the paperwork is clean and all there.

Generally the attorney pulls the district attorney aside with the bondsman, gives them a copy of the paperwork for bond hearing and if your bondsman can sum it up quick and clearly it will help the DA not have to spend a lot of time figuring things out.

I am astounded by the number of bondsmen I see in court with a declaration asking for the PC1275 hold to be lifted fumbling through some copies from the clients and not having a solid clear understanding of their clients situation.

You don’t want a combative bondsman on the stand but a smart one who recognizes there will be anything from unanswerable question, questions about things that are not in line or necessary to prove where the funds are coming from and can clearly answer them.

Some bondsmen take the questioning way to personal maybe its because until they get the hold removed they don’t get to make money but when they should have taken it personal was preparing for the hearing.

My name is Chad Conley with Chad Conley Bail Bonds. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the removal of PC1275.1 bond holds. About 9 out of 10 of all my bond hearing the DA agreed ahead of time not hearing was necessary.


What happens after the judge lifts the PC1275 hold?

Orange County’s Superior Courts are all the same in how this is handled depending on if the defendant is in custody or out of custody at the time of this hearing.

If the defendant is in the custody of OC Sheriff they will have to go back to the jail for the sheriff to do what is called the release process. The sheriff computers must be updated with what transpired in the court and usually do about 8-9pm the night of the court date. After the sheriffs computer system is updated they will accept the bond and start the release process which is generally 6 to 8 hours from the time the bond is posted.

If the defendant is out of custody in court then the court will accept the bond. The defendant will be ordered by the court to remain in the court room while the bondsman goes to the bond window and posts the bail bond. The bailiff will take the defendants right thumb print. Once the bond is posted the clerk next to the judge will get an email from the bond clerk. The defendant will then be given permission to leave the court room.



If you have a bail bond with a PC 1275.1 hold please call to walk through your case and let Chad Conley help you get your hold removed and you family or friend out of jail fast.


Chad Conley 


or Toll Free 855-223-2423

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Theo Lacy Facility Jail

Post a bail bond in Theo Lacy Facility

Theo Lacy Facility
501 City Dr. South
Orange, CA – 92868
Phone: 714-647-4666
Click here for driving instructions

The Theo Lacy Facility is a jail facility (maximum security) located in the City of Orange, California. Its street address is 501 City Dr., South Orange, CA 92868. The facility phone number is: 714-647-4666. It houses a maximum of 3,111 inmates, and covers 11 acres, adjacent to the Orange County Animal Shelter and the Orangewood Children’s Home. Inmates at the jail range from those individuals charged or sentenced for misdemeanor crimes, as well as for felonies. Some inmates have already been sentenced and are awaiting their transfer to a facility in the California state prison system. The facility is overseen by a staff of over 450 employees, and includes both sworn peace officers as well as jail administrative staff. The facility, named for former county sheriff Theo Lacy, opened in 1960, and has undergone a number of expansion projects to alleviate overcrowding issues.

theo lacy jail location

A bail bond company can help in your situation, or the situation of a loved one at the Theo Lacy Facility. By contacting a bail bond firm, arrangements can be made for the firm to post bond or bail so that the incarcerated person can be released from the facility. A bail bond company usually requires a fee of 10 to 15% of the actual cash bail required by the court. This fee can vary from court to court, and among different bail bond companies. All bail bond companies in the state of California must follow rules set by the state, and are overseen by the Insurance Department of California as the regulating agency.

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Santa Ana Jail

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Public can not get all inmate information by calling jail. Call Chad for complete booking information and charges 855-223-2423

Central Jail (Men & Women)
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana , CA – 92703
Click here for driving instructions

For Inmate Information Or To Post Bail At Anaheim Jail Call 855-223-2423

Incarceration in the Central Jail located at 550 N. Flower St. in Santa Ana, CA is anything but a pleasurable experience. The cells are small and cold. Your cell mates are not exactly the cream of society’s crop and the corrections officers will have little to no compassion for your situation. The lighting is harsh and the sleeping accommodations are abysmal. The “bathroom” is an open, shared toilet with no privacy afforded to the user. This is a prison after all.

santa ana bail bonds

Finding yourself in this predicament is not as hard as you might think. A simple traffic stop could turn into a visit to this establishment. If this happens, you will have few choices available to you. Your best bet is to quickly call a bail bond company. They can help get you processed out quickly. Bail bondsmen know the system and how to work with it to help. Their services come at a price, but it’s better than staying in jail. Once you are out, you can find a law firm and make arrangements to them to get your legal issues resolved. This will be easier to handle in the privacy of your home than in a crowded holding cell or common area. The process will be daunting and support from family and friends will be crucial to you, especially if you are innocent of the charges being listed against you. For Santa Ana Jail call 714-647-4666

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Orange CountyJail

Orange County Bail Bonds Service

Public can not get all inmate information by calling jail. Call Chad for complete booking information and charges 855-223-2423

Orange County Jail
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, Ca – 92703
Click here for driving instructions

The Orange County Jail is located at 550 North Flower St., in Santa Ana, CA . This facility is county’s central jail facility, and handles the processing and housing of inmates for the county’s intake and release Center. The facility is comprised of the Central Men’s Jail, Central Women’s Jail and a transportation division. The different divisions within the jail complex are connected via underground tunnels and corridors. The combined facilities house 1,200 inmates, and are staffed by 200 employees, both peace officers and jail administrative staff. The jail first opened in 1968, and was expanded in 1988.

orange county bail bonds

A bail bond company can help in the event that a loved one is currently housed at the Orange County Jail. By making contact with a bail bond firm, arrangements can be made for the firm to post bond so that the incarcerated person can be released from jail. In order to facilitate a release, the bail bond company typically requires a fee of 10 to 15% of the actual cash bail that had been set by the court. This fee varies from court to court, and among different bail bond issuers. All bail bond companies that do business in the state of California follow rules set by the state, and are overseen by the Insurance Department as the regulating agency. The switchboard phone number for the jail is (714) 647-4666.

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Newport Beach Jail

Bail Bonds for Newport Beach Jail

For Inmate Information and Bail Bonds Call Chad 855-223-2423

Newport Beach Jail
870 Santa Barbara Dr.
Newport Beach , CA – 92660
Click here for driving instructions

The Newport Beach Jail, located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive in Newport Beach, California, is the destination of both criminal suspects charged with a crime and local convicted criminals in Newport Beach. The prison itself is a rather imposing structure, and your first visit here can be frightening. It is important to remember, however, that merely being charged with a crime does not assure your guilt, and that there are ways to get out of prison prior to your trial. Paying your bail will make sure that you are a free man, provided you show up for all required appearances at your trial.

newport beach bail bonds service

Bail is a time-honored mechanic used by courts to secure a deposit, normally monetary in nature, before allowing an accused criminal to leave prison, where they are normally held until trial. Bail is set proportional to the crime the individual is accused of, and often times the amount is too high for any individual to meet. This is where bail bond companies come into play, as they offer to pay your bail in exchange for a set fee. As long as you attend your trial and other required appearances, your bail will be returned as well, making the services offered by bail bond companies extremely valuable. Bail bond companies will help you stay out of prison prior to your trial, allowing you to take care of your business and put your affairs in order easily. Call 949-644-3672 for Newport Beach Jail info

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Laguna Beach Jail

Bail Bonds Service For Laguna Beach Jail

Laguna Beach Jail
505 Forest Ave.
Laguna Beach, CA – 92651
Phone: 949-497-0701
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Getting arrested and being taken to jail can be a frightening process. It can also be tedious and time-consuming dealing with the aftermath of being arrested. If a person is taken to the Laguna Beach Jail at 505 Forest Ave. in Laguna Beach, CA, using a bail bond company is a fast and easy way to let someone else handle all the hassle of getting out of jail. A bail bondsman is available any hour of the day or night to help arrested individuals gain access to the money they need to get out of jail. There is no need to call family members trying to gather enough bail money; a bail bondsman can take care of it with a single phone call.

laguan beach bail bonds

Getting out of jail is top priority—whether it be to get back to work, get home to kids and family or just to move on with life. A bail bond company makes this possible. Bail bond companies in Laguna Beach pay an inmate’s bail or bond up front. Then, when the person shows up on time for his or her ensuing court dates, the person typically receives reimbursement for the bond. The customer then pays the bail bond company back, with a small amount of interest. It’s a simple, painless process to get out of jail within a few hours’ time.

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La Palma Jail

La Palma Bail Bonds Service

La Palma Jail
7792 Walker St.
La Palma , CA – 90623-1770
Phone: 714-523-4552
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About La Palma Jail

The La Palma Jail is located at 7792 Walker Street in La Palma, California in the zip code 90623-1770. Then phone number to the jail is (714) 523-4552. La Palma Jail is a small facility connected to the La Palma police department; it is located near the La Palma recreation center on Walker Street.

bail bonds la palma
There are many ways that a bail bond company can help someone detained in the La Palma Jail. If someone lacks the total funds to post bail and is unable to cash flow the expense, a bail bond company may be the best choice. A bail bond company will typically allow an inmate, or someone posting on behalf of the inmate, to pay a small portion of the bail. The typical charge is approximately 10% of the bail, although this may vary by company. Once 10% of the bail is given to the bond company the bond company will help the inmate to post bail. However, there is often fine print involved with this deal. 10% of the bail alone may not be sufficient insurance for the bail bond company to take on the bond. They may require a cosigner for the amount or something of collateral. Collateral may take the form of any valuable property that is owned, for instance a home, car, or other valuable object. In the event that the bonded out inmate does not appear in court, the bail bond company will assist in returning the inmate to custody. If they are unable to secure the inmate, then the full balance of the bail will come due, including potentially transfer of ownership of anything that was offered as collateral.

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La Habra Jail Location

Bail Bonds Service in La Habra Jail

La Habra Jail
150 N. Euclid Ave.
La Habra, CA – 90631
Phone: 562-905-9750
Click here for driving instructions

About La Habra City Jail

The La Habra Jail is located at 150 N. Euclid Street in La Habra, California,. It is slightly south east of Whittier, and just north of Fullerton. The general phone number for this facility is 562-905-9750. The jail is centrally located in the city of La Habra. The area consists of a number of churches, city departments, offices, and small businesses. Central Plaza shopping plaza center is located just around the corner, along with city parks, and a community center. Also, near the jail are a number of libraries and learning institutions. The La Habra Chamber of Commerce is also located close to the jail.

la habra bail bonds

Get out of La Habra Jail fast with Chad Conley Bail Bonds

A bail bond company can be helpful for an individual, or individuals seeking to get out of jail. A bail bond company may also play a pivotal role in recovering fugitives. Depending upon a person’s situation, and the amount of the bail, there may be a few different bond options that can exercised. If one is accused of a federal crime the use of a Federal bail bond may be required. Other types of bonds include immigration bonds, cash bonds, property bonds, and surety bonds. Once again, it all depends on the severity of the alleged offense and the bond schedule. Most bail bond companies are able to provide timely assistance to individuals that find themselves in less than desirable situations.

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