San Diego County Jail

San Diego County Bail Bonds Service

San Diego County Jail
1173 Front Street
San Diego, Ca – 92112
Phone: 619-615-2700
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The San Diego County Jail is located at 1173 Front Street in San Diego, California. It is the primary point of intake for those arrested within San Diego’s city limits. The building opened in 1998, and uses video surveillance and state of the art touch screen controls. The inmates in the San Diego Central Jail are primarily newly booked inmates, inmates who need special handling, and those inmates who are awaiting transfer to other facilities in San Diego. The building is located right next to the Hall of Justice in beautiful downtown San Diego. There is trolley access, as well as access to busses and taxis for those who do not drive. The telephone number of the San Diego Central Jail is (619) 610-1647. Ample parking is available in both paid parking lots, as well as metered street parking.

bail bondsman san diego

For those who find themselves in jails such as the San Diego County Central Jail, bail bond companies can be invaluable. In Downtown San Diego there are many bail bondsmen who will cover your bail for a fee, which is normally ten percent of the bail amount. For example if the bail is $5,000 the fee would be $500. If you use a bail bondsmen you can remain out of jail while you await trial. Prominent bail bondsmen in San Diego include Bad Boy bail bonds and “King” Stahlman. For those who cannot afford to pay bail to stay out of jail, San Diego bail bondsmen such as these will help you for a small fee.

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