Bail Bond for California Penal Code 273(a)

Child Endangerment

What is different about posting a bail bond for a PC 273(a) child endangerment charge than from most other charges?

The bail amount for child endangerment can vary substantially from as low as $10,000 and up to $100,000 but can be even higher. The bail amount set is determined by several factors for example whether the child witnessed an adult argument/fight or if they were physically hurt and to what extent they are injured. A child endangerment arrest can start out as a misdemeanor or a felony charge or a misdemeanor can be increased to a felony.

When you are arrested the original bail amount is usually set by the detention release officer at the jail. The bond amount set by DRO is generally lower than what most judges and district attorneys will ask for. This means that on your first court date called and “arraignment” your bail can be increased. When this happens the court will take you into custody if you are not prepared to post a new bond for the larger amount. 

What do these differences have to do with selecting a bail bondsman?

If your bail is increased you will be forced to post an entirely new bond. The courts will exonerate (void) the existing bail bond and expect you to post a bond for the higher amount. You will find yourself at the mercy of whether the bond company is going to credit you for the premium you already paid for the first bond. Sadly most will not. If your bail is increased at arraignment Chad Conley Bail Bonds will credit  you for the premium you already paid for the first bond, and write you a new bond.

You will want a professional bondsman that communicates, understands the charges and court process and will be there to make sure you remain out of custody.

Some of these cases can last a long time. All bonds are good for one year from the date it was posted. This means if your case goes beyond one year you will be expected to pay the entire premium all over again. Chad Conley Bail Bonds does not do this to our clients. We post the bond one time and do not charge an annual renew or premium.

What should I do if a friend or family member has been arrested for child endangerment?

    • The first thing to remember if they call you is that all jail phone calls are recorded so as much as you want to ask them what happened DON’T! If they start to tell you remind them that the phone calls are recorded and they should wait until they are out to discuss anything.
    • Call me immediately so I can find out where they are in the process, what our time frame is till they’re booking is complete and all bonding options, cost and payment plans. I will break down and explain cost, cosigners and collateral.
    • These are great questions to ask them
        • Who arrested them or where they are at?
        • What is the full and correct spelling of their name they are booked under
        • What is their date of birth
        • What is their booking number

Example of what a lower child endangerment bail amount would be for:

Husband and wife are yelling, screaming, cussing or physically harm each other in front of the children. Under PC 273(a) this could be considered mental suffering for the child.

Example of what a mid sized bail for PC 273(a) could be for:

Grandma meets the entire family for brunch and has a glass of champagne. One of the 13 year old grand kids went home with grandma after and on the way grandma’s car was rear ended. Even though the accident was not grandma’s fault while the police were writing the report they smelled alcohol and tested grandma. They arrested her for .08 driving under the influence and added a child endangerment charge which increased her bond to $100,000.

Example of what a higher or increased bail amount would be for:

You are babysitting someones two year old child and they fall off a bar stool hitting their head on the tile floor causing them to go the hospital. If the child has a concussion you could be charged with child endangerment. If later the child goes into a coma the charges and your bail could be increased.

Example of child endangerment charge without you being present:

You are separated from your spouse, and know that your spouse has beaten your child repeatedly in the past. Despite that knowledge, you need someone to watch your child while you go on vacation, and leave the child with your estranged spouse and they beat the child. The child suffers a black eye, a broken bone, and bruises. If the District Attorney proves that you knew your spouse had beaten your child before, and you left your child with your spouse anyway, you can be convicted of PC 273(a) Child Endangerment.

Under 273(a) when an individual (a) places a child in a dangerous situation, or (b) allows a child to be placed in a dangerous situation without taking measures to protect the child.

“Willfully caused or permitted” any child (a minor under the age of 18) to suffer physical pain or mental suffering, or

“Willfully caused or permitted” any child to be placed in a situation where the child suffers physical pain or mental suffering.

If you need a bail bond for a child endangerment charge or arrest please contact me. I will explain the bond process and make sure you feel comfortable knowing all your options. I will explain how the bond works, what is required of a cosigner, if collateral is needed, what costs are involved and payment plans. I can help you locate their bond and charge information from the jail and prepare to quickly post a bond of schedule to be at your court date.

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