Why domestic violence bail bond is different from any other Bail Bond?

First, the district attorney’s Office generally files charges late creating problems with your bond down the line.

Most people that post a bond and get out of jail have a court date set approximately a month away. This gives the district attorney’s office plenty of time to file the charges prior to your set court date. In the case of domestic violence cases you generally have a court date given at the time of release that is less than one week away. If for whatever reason the district attorney does not file charges within 15 days after that first court date the court will automatically exonerate the bail bond on file. If the district attorney files the case a couple of weeks later you will get a letter in the mail telling you to come to court. You may be forced to post an entirely new bond. Most bail bond companies will not rewrite the bond without charging you an entirely new premium. I cannot do this if your bond is exonerated based on a late filing for the same charge I will rewrite the bond without charging a premium.

Often times either a temporary restraining order or a full restraining order may be in place at the same time. Meeting, filling out paperwork, getting ID’s, picking up collateral, picking up a payment, and coming into the office are often times things that have to be done separately between the cosigner and the defendant. I try to make the process as painless and easy as possible. I have e-signature applications online, you can text me your ID, and I can either meet parties separately at my office, or at their house.

Often cosigners that are needed to bond somebody out may be angry at another family member making communication difficult. I keep all information given to me from every party involved confidential. I help to focus every person involved on the goal and task at hand, which is getting through the paperwork process, understanding the bond process, and getting the defendant bonded out of jail.

The majority of people that end up needing a domestic violence bail bond are not familiar with the bail bonds process, the jail booking and release process, or the court system. I am referred by numerous professionals in the industry, I have the experience necessary to explain the process and make sure you understand, and I will always give you the best price available. I will make sure that you understand all of your options as well as some other things you may consider when deciding whether to pay in full or to have a payment plan.

We have a vast understanding of the court system, booking and release process and how to get your bond completed quickly at the lowest price.

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