Finding the lowest priced bail bond in Orange County just got easier

Collateralized bonds rebated up to 50% off. This means if you are in Orange County Jail and have collateral you could save as much as 50%. Fully collateralized mean you have generally property and sometimes owned vehicles as collateral towards the bond. The equity of the home or vehicle would have to be enough to cover the bail bond amount.

When bail is set in Orange County they start out with Superior Court of Orange County 2017 Felony Bail Schedule . The defendant will also see a detention release officer while being booked to determine if the scheduled bail amount is to high or to low. Unless charges have been filed by the district attorney the DR officer generally sets bail amount.

The booking process in all of the Orange County Jails is about the same generally taking 5-8 hours so far this year. When they first get to the jail you won’t find the in the Sheriffs computer for about 2 hours. The first thing that shows up is only their name, booking number and “in receiving” after the full 5 – 8 hours there bail amount will show up. Charges will not show up to the public but your bail bondsman can get those for you.

Pricing for all bail bondsmen in the state of California start out in the same place. It is called a filed rate with the department of insurance. There are only two filed rates a bondsman can write a bond for in CA 8% or 10%. Some bail bonds companies rebate their commission to lower the bail cost which is called a Prop. 103 Rebate.

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Clients that have the property to collateralize a bail bond for their family should not be punished in an already difficult position. Chad Conley Bail Bonds has the absolute lowest collateralized bail bonds in Orange County California.

Here are some usual questions people have regarding property collateral

Who’s home can be used for bail bond collateral?

Any friend or family member can be used as collateral as long as all parties on title are willing to sign

Can you take an out of state property as bail collateral?

Yes, property can be used from most all other states. All bail bonds companies are different as to what states they will take other property from.

Can more than one property be used for bond collateral?

Yes, Multiple properties can be used. There is no limit to how many properties can be used.

How long will the property be tied up for?

The collateral is used until the case is over. However if you need to refinance or use another property as collateral instead so long as it was enough for the amount, equal to the original collateral or agreeable with your bond company it can be done.

What is equity and how is it determined for bail collateral?

When you take the amount of money your house is worth and subtract the amount that is owed on loans the balance is the equity.

Will I need to pay for an appraisal on the home being used for bail collateral?

Very seldom will an actual appraisal be needed. There are other resources that can be used to determine the value of the home.


Here are some usual questions people have regarding vehicles as collateral


Can I use my car as collateral for the bail bond?

Yes, as long as you own the car outright and have a pink slip.

Can friends or family use their cars as collateral?

Yes, as long as the owner has a pink slip, ID and the car has equity it can be used.

What will my vehicle be worth if used for collateral for a bail bond?

Generally the low blue book value or what the car would sell extremely quickly would be the value used. This value is generally lower than most people believe the value is however bail bond companies can not spend months selling collateral if it was ever used.

Can an RV or Boat be used as collateral for a bail bond?

Yes, it is considered similar to a car as long as the boat was docked or stored in an agreeable location.


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