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Fullerton Jail
237 W. Commonwealth
Fullerton, CA – 92832
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The Fullerton City Jail, in Fullerton California, is a relatively small jail that holds fifteen male inmates at a time. The jail was built in 1945 and is considered a type one jail. The jail does both booking and processing at the site where they collect personal information, take a photograph, get fingerprints, and check other records. Fullerton City Jail does not have a medical staff on site, they allow the inmates to wear casual type clothing that does not have pictures, inmates can have enough small food items for a week as long as it can be microwaved, and cigarettes and lighters are not allowed.

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Each inmate is eligible to be bonded or bailed out of jail unless stated on the warrant, court order, bail schedule, or the inmate’s intoxication level is too high. A bail bond company can be called to cover the price set for bail if the inmate does not have the financial ability to cover the entire price of the set bail. Bond companies may have a specific fee or cost for utilizing their financial service, but they are generally nominal compared to the full price of the bail that is required to be released. By using a bond, the inmate states that they will attend each court hearing or the cosigner and inmate will be charged the full amount of the bond. For Fullerton jail info call 714-738-6722

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