James Musick Facility

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James Musick Facility
13502 Musick
Irvine, CA – 92618
Phone: 949-855-2612
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About James Musick Facility

The James A. Music Facility is located in Santa Ana, California. The one hundred acre minimum security facility can accommodate 1,250 coed inmates. This prison is for low risk offenders. It is different than other high security prisons located nearby. A much more relaxed atmosphere prevails, and unlike the traditional tiny jail cells, inmates are housed in four compounds. The compounds are various structures such as a log cabin, and many large tents. Some inmates have referred to it as a camp like setting. The facility opened in 1963, and held a maximum of two hundred inmates at the time. It was known as the “Honor Farm” due to its agricultural operations. Today it is simply referred to as “The Farm”. Although state department regulations, and budget cuts have decreased the agricultural production, some inmates still work the farm, and produce food that is used within the food service units of the facility. There are many types of correctional programs available for the inmates of the prison. These programs are designed to assist the inmates in transitioning back into the community after being released. Types of programs such as educational, vocational, and other life skills training programs are readily available. Personal enrichment programs include substance abuse recovery, domestic violence, anger management, and fitness. Religious and inspirational programs are conducted frequently.

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How Chad Conley Can Help You Post Bail at Irvine Jail

The bail system was developed to assure that a defendant appears in court on the day of their scheduled hearing. The first step in the bail process is contacting a bail bondsman. These individuals are available 24 hours a day, and can be contacted at any time. The bail bondsman will gather information, and will determine the risk involved in a bail bond. He will use this information to determine the amount of the bond. The typical cost of hiring a bail bondsman is ten percent of the bail amount. There are several available options in the manner in which a bail bond can be paid such as checks, some types of credit cards, cash, money orders or wire transfer.

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