La Habra Jail Location

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La Habra Jail
150 N. Euclid Ave.
La Habra, CA – 90631
Phone: 562-905-9750
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About La Habra City Jail

The La Habra Jail is located at 150 N. Euclid Street in La Habra, California,. It is slightly south east of Whittier, and just north of Fullerton. The general phone number for this facility is 562-905-9750. The jail is centrally located in the city of La Habra. The area consists of a number of churches, city departments, offices, and small businesses. Central Plaza shopping plaza center is located just around the corner, along with city parks, and a community center. Also, near the jail are a number of libraries and learning institutions. The La Habra Chamber of Commerce is also located close to the jail.

la habra bail bonds

Get out of La Habra Jail fast with Chad Conley Bail Bonds

A bail bond company can be helpful for an individual, or individuals seeking to get out of jail. A bail bond company may also play a pivotal role in recovering fugitives. Depending upon a person’s situation, and the amount of the bail, there may be a few different bond options that can exercised. If one is accused of a federal crime the use of a Federal bail bond may be required. Other types of bonds include immigration bonds, cash bonds, property bonds, and surety bonds. Once again, it all depends on the severity of the alleged offense and the bond schedule. Most bail bond companies are able to provide timely assistance to individuals that find themselves in less than desirable situations.

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