La Palma Jail

La Palma Bail Bonds Service

La Palma Jail
7792 Walker St.
La Palma , CA – 90623-1770
Phone: 714-523-4552
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About La Palma Jail

The La Palma Jail is located at 7792 Walker Street in La Palma, California in the zip code 90623-1770. Then phone number to the jail is (714) 523-4552. La Palma Jail is a small facility connected to the La Palma police department; it is located near the La Palma recreation center on Walker Street.

bail bonds la palma
There are many ways that a bail bond company can help someone detained in the La Palma Jail. If someone lacks the total funds to post bail and is unable to cash flow the expense, a bail bond company may be the best choice. A bail bond company will typically allow an inmate, or someone posting on behalf of the inmate, to pay a small portion of the bail. The typical charge is approximately 10% of the bail, although this may vary by company. Once 10% of the bail is given to the bond company the bond company will help the inmate to post bail. However, there is often fine print involved with this deal. 10% of the bail alone may not be sufficient insurance for the bail bond company to take on the bond. They may require a cosigner for the amount or something of collateral. Collateral may take the form of any valuable property that is owned, for instance a home, car, or other valuable object. In the event that the bonded out inmate does not appear in court, the bail bond company will assist in returning the inmate to custody. If they are unable to secure the inmate, then the full balance of the bail will come due, including potentially transfer of ownership of anything that was offered as collateral.

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