Large Bail Bonds and 1275 Specialist

Large Bail Bond Specialist

There is lots of personal information taken for a bail bond from both the person in jail and the person cosigning. You should be able to do this knowing that your information is cared for, secure and confidential. There is a wide variety of different types of bondsman from street sales to Internet talk. Nobody wants to deal with “Spike The Bounty Hunter” or a Home Boy for a Bondsman!

Large size bail bonds or bonds with a 1275 court hold need to be handled by a specialist. There are usually several people involved and a lot of information needed for large bonds. This information will have to be prepared for court to get the 1275 hold released. You must have a bondsman that understands what the court will want to see and it is very different for every person and every case. This will have to be presented to the court and approved for the 1275 hold to be lifted allowing a bond to be posted. You do not want to go in unprepared or with the wrong bondsman.

Often times large bonds are hard to collateralize by one person. Involving several people can be a very sensitive task. There are usually different feeling and different levels of collateral being used. I have experience dealing with multiple family members and friends at the same time bringing all the required information together and getting our client out of jail quickly.

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