Long Beach Police Department Jail Division, Booking, Visiting Hours

Jail Division

The Jail Division performs many essential tasks within the Police
Department including booking and housing adult men and women in the jail, Jail
Administration and Support services, Civic Center security, Booking Desk
operations, Business and Information Desk services, Court Affairs, and Live Scan
services. The Court Bailiff’s detail and the Transportation team are essential
support services ensuring inmates housed in the jail are escorted and
transported to both the Long Beach Courthouse and other county facilities. The
jail, business desk, booking and security for the Civic Center hours of
operation are 24 hours a day seven days a week. The following information is
supplied as an outline of the responsibilities of each detail contained within
the division.

Booking Desk
The booking
desk serves as the point of intake for adult subjects arrested and brought to
the Long Beach Jail. Over 18,000 prisoners are booked at the Long Beach Police
Department annually. The booking desk operates 24/7 and handles all duties
associated with prisoner intake and release to include data entry and handling

Men and
Women’s Jail

The Long Beach City Jail is one of California’s
largest City Jails. Approximately 18,000 inmates are booked annually. Detention
Officers assigned to the jail attend an Adult Core Corrections Officer training
course within their first year of employment. Long Beach participates in
California Standards Authority Standards of Training for Corrections program.

Detention Officers and Detention Officer Supervisors are responsible for
the care, custody and supervision of inmates housed in the jail. This includes
performing assigned tasks, which ensure the safety and security of the jail,
which includes direct visual observation of inmates confined in the Long Beach
Jail. Officers conduct safety checks of inmates through direct observation and
insure the standards for safe facility operations are followed ensuring
compliance with California Minimum Standards for Detention Facilities.

Detention Officers determine inmate housing assignments, provide inmates
with an orientation pertaining to facility operations and rules, fingerprint
inmates, conduct random security checks and searches, prepare required reports,
provide emergency first aid and ensure inmates are safe. Officers’ monitor
changes in the jail environment and ensure the facility operations, and security
procedures are not breached.

Court Affairs
The Court
Affairs Office is responsible for receiving all subpoenas for Department
personnel and insuring court appearance information is properly entered into the
automated court affairs system. Court Affairs staff accepts and processes
subpoenas for records and legal summonses related to department employees.
Officer personnel manage the automated court affairs system, updating data as
appearance dates change, and serve as liaisons to city prosecutors and defense
attorneys to insure department employees are notified in a timely manner and
appear in court as required.

Court Bailiffs
The Court
Bailiffs detail is responsible for escorting inmates housed in the Long Beach
Jail to the Long Beach Courthouse and provides Courtroom security while the
inmates are being arraigned. Court Bailiff officers escorts both male and female
adult inmates to court whose charges range from infractions to felonies.

Prisoner Transport

The Prisoner Transport Unit was formed in July 2007.
Transportation Officers transport parolees and subjects arrested on out of
county warrants on a daily basis to Los Angeles County Jail Facilities. The
“T-Unit” transports over 2,000 inmates annually. They work closely with the Los
Angeles County Sheriffs Deputies and Jail personnel to ensure all transportation
and county booking procedures are followed.

Public Safety Building Information

The Information Desk provides citizens, bail agents and
other police agencies with information pertaining to inmates, police reports
ranging from lost personal articles, auto burglaries and thefts, to unlawful use
of debit cards and identity theft. The information desk operates 24 hours a day
and handles hundreds of calls and walk in inquiries daily.

Reports filed
at the information desk are always limited to those reports when the victim can
provide no suspect information. Any report involving suspect information should
be handled through the Long Beach Dispatch Center by calling either 911
(emergencies) or 562 435-6711 (non-emergencies).

The Long Beach Police
Department Information Desk can be contacted by dialing (562) 570-7260,


Live Scan is digital fingerprinting and is utilized for
criminal background checks. Long Beach Police Department provides Live Scan
services for the public for State licensing, employment, adoptions/foster care,
etc. The current Live Scan administrative rolling fee is twenty-five dollars
payable in cash or check (credit cards are currently not accepted). Additional
fees for criminal history processing by the California Department of Justice
and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also payable at the time the Live
Scan is performed.

The Live Scan service is provided to the public by
appointment only during the following days and times:

Tuesday 7:30
am – 11:30 am
Wednesday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Thursday 12:45 pm –
4:15 pm
Friday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Live Scan services (including
processing photo identification badges) for city employees, city employee
applicants and volunteers are completed on a walk-in basis during the following
hours: Employees can also request an appointment.

Tuesday 12:30 pm
– 3:45 pm
Thursday 7:30 am – 11:45 am

For further information
regarding services, fees and to schedule an appointment, please contact the Live
Scan Office at (562) 570-5142.

Civic Center Security
Civic Center Security detail is responsible for providing a safe and secure
environment in and around the Civic Center Complex. The Civic Center complex
includes City Hall, Main Library, and the Civic Center Plaza. Security officers
assigned to this detail provide direct observation/monitor all deliveries, and
vehicle and pedestrian traffic in and out of the complex 24/7. Deliveries,
vehicles and items brought into the Civic Center Plaza to include Lincoln Park
parking structure and entrance to Council Chambers are subject to random