Men’s & Women’s Central Jails and CJ1

The Men’s and Women’s Central Jails are
traditional style cell block and dormitory jail facilities which house both
sentenced and pre-trial maximum security inmates. The linear design requires
inmates to be moved to services such as meals, roof recreation, visiting, either
individually, in small groups or via mass movement. Both the Central Men’s Jail
and the Central Women’s Jail provide for the custody of persons arrested for
crimes within Orange County pending disposition by due process of law as well as
those sentenced to the County Jail. The Central Men’s Jail entire 2nd floor is
dedicated to housing and treating the medical needs of inmates throughout the
Central Jail Complex. In addition to providing for the care and custody of the
persons in the jails, the Sheriff’s Department provides opportunities for
vocational and educational training for inmates housed in these facilities.

Public visiting occurs on Fridays, Saturdays and


CJ1 arraignment courtroom began operation on October 28th and
is conducting approximately 25 to 70 arraig nments per day. CJ1 is located at
the Central Men’s Jail in the old video arraignment room. Eventually every
inmate booked and held for court will have their arraignment conducted at CJ1
county wide. CJ1’s goal is to accommodate approximately 200 arraignments per
day. The new facility was designed for maximum efficiency and to further enhance
the timely arraignment of new bookings. The location and design of the facility
will reduce transportation time and costs associated with arraignments conducted
at various courtrooms around the county. It will also streamline the court
system by bundling court cases, allowing inmates to address all their open cases
from a central location.