Monrovia boy ‘not truthful’ in kidnap probe; suspect released

A man arrested Sunday and charged with attempting to abduct a 6-year-old Monrovia boy has been released after authorities determined that the boy “was not truthful,” according to a statement from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives investigating the case.

Officials said the supposed attempted kidnapping was reported by the boy Friday when he told investigators that he was walking home when a man attempted to abduct him. The boy said he was able to break free.

His story sparked a two-day manhunt, complete with bloodhounds. Deputies went door to door in the neighborhood with a composite drawing of the supposed suspect, and the drawing was released to the media.

During the search, deputies were told of a man fitting the description presented in the composite drawing. They arrested the man, who lived at a home on Peck Road, Sunday night, according to a Sheriff’s Department report.

However, as detectives later spoke with the boy, they found “information did not corroborate the facts as related by the victim and it became evident the child was not truthful with the investigators about the kidnapping,” according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The man was not identified by authorities.