Newport Beach Jail

Bail Bonds for Newport Beach Jail

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Newport Beach Jail
870 Santa Barbara Dr.
Newport Beach , CA – 92660
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The Newport Beach Jail, located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive in Newport Beach, California, is the destination of both criminal suspects charged with a crime and local convicted criminals in Newport Beach. The prison itself is a rather imposing structure, and your first visit here can be frightening. It is important to remember, however, that merely being charged with a crime does not assure your guilt, and that there are ways to get out of prison prior to your trial. Paying your bail will make sure that you are a free man, provided you show up for all required appearances at your trial.

newport beach bail bonds service

Bail is a time-honored mechanic used by courts to secure a deposit, normally monetary in nature, before allowing an accused criminal to leave prison, where they are normally held until trial. Bail is set proportional to the crime the individual is accused of, and often times the amount is too high for any individual to meet. This is where bail bond companies come into play, as they offer to pay your bail in exchange for a set fee. As long as you attend your trial and other required appearances, your bail will be returned as well, making the services offered by bail bond companies extremely valuable. Bail bond companies will help you stay out of prison prior to your trial, allowing you to take care of your business and put your affairs in order easily. Call 949-644-3672 for Newport Beach Jail info

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