No ankle bracelet needed to alcohol monitor clients!!

There is a choice when alcohol monitoring.

If you want to call it a choice!

New product changes everything! No more ankle bracelet needed to monitor for alcohol monitoring. Approved alcohol monitoring system that allows clients the privacy they deserve while being court compliant. 24/7 Live Monitoring helps stop documented violations before they occur.  Our goal is the same as your clients…

Lovely Ankle Bracelet – or – No Bracelet!!Same Cost for either.

MEM 3000 is the solution. We can monitor clients without uncomfortable and highly visible embarrassing ankle bracelets. Clients use our cellular unit and only have to use it three times a day for five minutes in private.

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Chad Conley   855-223-2423 – 0R – 855-BAD-CHAD

The   MEMS-3000 utilizes a high resolution camera with 242 pixels x 200 lines that provides the monitoring center with a high resolution color image of the client. The Probationer’s image is digitally transferred to the monitoring center by pushing a single button. The camera is mounted behind a two-way mirror for the purpose of positioning the client’s image properly prior to sending. When the image is transmitted to the Twenty-four-Hour Monitoring Center, the image is visually and digitally compared to the Probationer’s image file ensuring compliance with his/her home confinement program. Violations are confirmed by the Monitoring Center, and are immediately reported to the Supervising Officer for disposition.