OCCUPY LA Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(AP) Los Angeles police have closed off streets surrounding the Occupy Los  Angeles encampment. Police cars line a one-block perimeter around the City Hall  camp where hundreds of protesters are preparing for what they believe is an  imminent raid by police. Live video from Channel 9’s chopper has shown LA police  officers getting onto buses staged at Dodger Stadium. LAPD hasn’t said when the  camp might be cleared out.

Some protesters in Los Angeles shot off fireworks near the camp where Occupy  members discussed emergency preparations. About half of some 500 tents remained  after a Monday morning eviction deadline and the remaining protesters showed no  sign of leaving the Los Angeles encampment, which is one of the largest still  remaining in the country.

Watch live Ustreams from Occupy LA here & here.

(CNS) Roughly 1,200 LAPD officers surround the City Hall encampment of Occupy  LA amid the expectation that the remaining Occupiers would be forced to leave.  Police said an area of unlawful assembly would extend two blocks in each  direction from City Hall. Protesters would be given an opportunity to walk away  after that occurs. 30 Metro buses took the officers from Dodger Stadium to  downtown. Supervising officers briefed the officers at Dodger Stadium, with one   telling a group of officers they needed to be prepared for some protesters  to fight back. “They’ve got a bunch of concrete gravel and other (things)  they’re going to throw at us,” the supervisor said. “Please put your face masks  down and watch each other’s back.”

Lt. Andy Neiman says police are prepared to remove protesters who had climbed  into trees. Neiman seemed confident the operation would not take long and  predicted that on Wednesday it would be “business as usual” downtown. The city  declared last week residing in the encampment would be unlawful starting 12:01  a.m. Monday, but the widely expected police raid that would have resulted in the  removal of the tents and their occupants never occurred, with Chief Charlie Beck  saying Monday a raid could come later in the week.

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