Palm Springs Jail

Palm Springs Bail Bonds Service

Palm Springs Jail
200 S. Civic Dr.
Palm Springs, CA – 92262
Phone: 760-323-8110
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The Palm Springs Jail, located at 200 S. Civic Dr. Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (phone 760-323-8110), is a city jail, managed by the Palm Springs police. Unlike county facilities managed by the county sheriff, the city jail is a short-term facility generally used to hold prisoners after arrest and booking and before being transported to the main county jail. Initial bookings happen here with the prisoner being taken later to the county jail to await court. Anyone who is arrested and booked into the jail will usually be released once bail has been deposited. For more serious crimes, criminals are held over until they can be arraigned in court and bail.

Bail is a deposit of money that is a promise that the criminal will return to court for trial. The deposited money will be forfeited if the offender does not come back. Bail can range from a thousand dollars to a million dollars. The higher amounts will require the help of a bail bond company. The bail company receives a portion of the amount from the criminal or or friends or family, then deposits a portion or all of the amount with the court. The person is then set free from jail, pending their case. If they do not come back to court, they will be able to be arrested and even capture by the bail bond company or their agents

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