Chad Conley Specializes in PC 1275 Bail Hold

Most people don’t associate bail bond agents with wearing a suit and spending time in court.  Chad Conley Bail Bonds specializes in “PC 1275 Bail Hold” court hearings, which takes a polished professional, not some unrefined bail agent who only deals with misdemeanor crimes.  We handle the big bonds that come with felony charges, which require expertise and authority.

Certain felony charges require an investigation by the judge to confirm that funds for bail will be paid legitimately, or in other words, to be sure that bail will not paid with funds from an illegal source.  This is commonly called a “PC 1275 Bail Hold”.  The term comes from the statute that mandates this action, Section 1275 of the California Penal Code.

Cases that require a PC 1275 bail hold include crimes such as theft, check fraud, mortgage fraud, bank or insurance fraud, embezzlement, drugs, or stolen goods. The court must be satisfied that a defendant is not using money acquired through a criminal act to post bail, such as money from the sale of drugs or the illegal sale of fire arms.

What triggers a PC 1275 hold is probable cause.  A judge shall order a hold on the defendant’s release if there is probable cause that the funds to pay for bail were acquired illegally.  For this to happen, either a police officer or a prosecutor must file a declaration executed under penalty of perjury stating they have probable cause to believe that the source of bail money was illegally obtained.  Or, the judge may have probable cause to believe that bail funds were illegally obtained.  The defendant remains in custody until they can prove by a “preponderance of evidence” that the money to be used to pay for bail comes from a legitimate source.  This means the evidence must be clear and convincing.  The court often wants to see extensive financial background of the person who posted the bail whether that person is the defendant or a third party, such as a family member.  The information required can include but not be limited to: one month to one year’s worth of bank statements, tax returns, credit card statements, car, rent and utility payments and any other monthly payment information as well as written testimony of any third party who has put up collateral for the bail bond.

If the evidence presented does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that bail money is legitimate and the judge is not convinced, release will be delayed and the bail amount will be subject to increase.

Chad Conley Bail Bonds expertly handles PC 1275 bail hold cases by:

  • Preparing the financial evidence package. We are experienced in assessing what is needed and in properly preparing this crucial evidence required for a successful release.  We are confident the judge will lift the hold before we enter the court room.
  • Appearing before the judge to present the case for lifting the PC 1275 bail hold, which includes presenting the financial package in support of legitimate bail funds.  Upon the lift we are there to post bail for immediate release.
  • Unlike other bail bond companies, we are the leader in court appearances.  Our experience in working directly with the legal community shows.  We are presentable, prepared and skilled professionals.

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