Shift of Inmates is Underway

Posted by orangeduilawyer on November 9, 2011

Probation officials shifted caseloads while local sheriff’s departments updated security plans as a result of the overhaul of California’s correctional system.

The so-called “prison realignment” consisted of the transfer the state’s responsibility for lower-level drug offenders, thieves and other convicts to county jurisdictions.

Thousands of parolees were added to the caseloads of local Probation Departments, whose workers already oversee inmates released from county jails.

This sweeping overhaul of the correctional system should help the state save money, reduce the 70 percent recidivism rate, and bring the state into compliance with a U.S. Supreme Court order to ease prison overcrowding.

San Bernardino County officials have expressed concerns about Brown’s realignment plan because it does not come with allocated funding beyond the current fiscal year. There is a concern that if the funding collapses, there may be a public safety disaster.

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