Often cosigners that work hard have good jobs trying to help a child, family member or friend and are charged to much!
What should you pay for a bail bond? Who is telling the truth?
Who the cosigners are and if they own collateral is important. I have come up with pricing that that can not be beat! I have rebates for you that will result in the lowest price out there!

Payment plan net 7%
Paid in full net 6%
Full collateral net 5%

Please call me to discuss your situation. I can help you understand the bail bond process and make a comparable good decision to save you money. I will help you go over and understand all the cost you may be looking at for your case. Every bail bondsman in California starts out with the same pricing by law. 8% and 10% are the two California filed rates, which you will pay most places. However with our rebates you will pay as low as 5%, 6% or 7% for your bond.

Rebates Pertaining To Attorney Clients:

Qualifications for 5% net bond cost

• Must hire private attorney
• Must pay in full at the time of bond posting
• Must collateralize bond
• Must make all court appearances and not violate conditions of Surety Bond Application
• Bond 20K and above

Qualifications for 6% net bond cost

• Must hire private attorney
• Must pay in full at the time of bond posting
• Must have qualified co-signers
• Must make all court appearances and not violate conditions of Surety Bond Application
• Bond 20K and above

Qualifications for 7% net bond cost with payment plan

• Must hire private attorney
• Payment plan with a deposit
• Must have qualified co-signer(s)
• Must make all court appearances and not violate conditions of Surety Bond Application.

please feel free to call us


I am a licensed bail agent who is constantly fighting for his clients. Whether it is a bond reduction, reinstatement, reassumption or the charging the lowest cost I am a client advocate all the way. I am certified by the California Bar to teach a MCLE accredited course on bail bonds. I have been the lead on the fight for Prop 103 rebates for clients and the reassumption of the bond if the DA files after 15 days. We want a level playing field that is best for our clients that will give them the best savings and ultimately the best defense team possible.


I am a California licensed bail agent, a mother, daughter, sister and friend. I found myself in your same situation several years ago looking for a bail agent for a loved one. I understand the stress and worry involved in the bail process. I am here to show you a caring, educated, professional family oriented bondsman that will treat you and your family with respect and dignity and see you through the entire bail process from start to finish.

I have been a public defender for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chad over the years. He is a truly caring individual. Each time I have assisted a client who sought out Chad for help, I have been amazed at how much he cares about the client. He takes the time to talk to me, family and friends to understand the client’s individual circumstances, so he can assist them best. What has made all the difference to my clients is how flexible he is when it comes to financial terms, which makes it possible to fight their case out of custody and get on with their lives.

April GilbertSep 26, 2015 – OCPD

As the CEO OF StepHouse Recovery (we offer Inpatient/Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Men and Women), I can honestly say that Chad is the best at what he does! He has helped many individuals through the bail process who are in need to treatment ASAP. If you are looking for a bondsman to do the right job, look no further than Chad Conley.

George VilagutStepHouse Recovery

I am a state bar certified criminal law attorney with over 25 years in practice. Chad Conley is the best bail bondsman I have ever worked with. He combines the highest level of professionalism along with a caring and compassionate approach toward his clients. I have full confidence in Chad Conley and his team to guide my clients through the bail process.

Ricardo NicolLaw Office of Ricardo A. Nicol

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, and having previously served as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, I have met many Bail Agents over the past 30 years. Today, and for the past 5 years, Chad Conley has been my primary go-to Bondsperson. Uniformly, without exception, my clients have praised Chad for his knowledge and service. In the middle of the night, when I have to in Court at 8:30, knowing Chad is working for my client let’s me go back to sleep. 111003 10/13/18

Joseph P. SmithLaw Offices of Joseph P. Smith

As an attorney it’s extremely important to have the right bail bondsman for your clients. I am a family law attorney but sometimes my clients find themselves in trouble with restraining orders and domestic violence. Chad Conley Bail Bonds have consistently come through for my clients. I can’t recommend Chad Conley and his team enough.

Jessica B. ChaPinkham & Associate

As a Los Angeles criminal attorney, I have learned that not all bail bondsman are created equal. I trust Chad Conley Bail Bonds with my own clients. He has a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system which allows him to offer the fastest bail bond service possible to get your family member released from jail in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. His professional staff are available 24/7 to guide you through the bail process and he offers affordable rates.

Michael GoldsteinGoldstein Law Group

Chad is my go-to guy for all things bail bond. I have recommended Chad to clients and colleagues and all of them had nothing but wonderful things to say about their experiences in working with him. I recommend him highly whether you are an attorney looking someone to add to your referral list or a client in need of immediate bail bond services. You can count on Chad.

Jessica B. ChaLaw Offices of J.Cha & Associates

Chad is always there for my clients. I haven’t used anyone else because there is no need. He is aggressive, ethical and professional which is exactly what a bondsman should be in this business. Best of the b

Kelly KnightLaw Offices of Kelly Knight

Chad is the only bailbondsman that I work with. He is a true professional. He has gotten many of my clients out of jail and has never taken advantage of any of them the way unscrupulous bailbondsmen do. Use him and only him.

Zack McCreadyLaw Offices of Zachary J McCready & Associated

I have practiced criminal defense for 25 years. I have referred several clients to Chad Conley for their bail bond needs. I highly recommend his services. He is prompt, reliable, well priced, ethical, and creative. Chad knows how to get the job done and sees every project through to its successful conclusion.

Doreen BoxerBoxer Law Corporation

I practice exclusively criminal law in Orange County and surrounding areas. Chad is my \”go-to\” bail bondsman because he consistently delivers the most professional service for my clients.

When I recommend a bail bondsman, I put my own reputation at stake. My clients and I rest a little easier when Chad is on the job. Criminal defendants have enough to worry about; bail shouldn\’t be one of them.

I would highly recommend Chad Conley bail bonds to anyone who expects the highest in customer service at the most competitive rates.

John W. BussmanThe Law Offices of John W. Bussman

Call me now for the lowest cost bail bond!

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