It’s been a long time since dating was simple and it seems to be getting more complicated by the day. Last thing you need a date with somebody who isn’t who they said they were. We live in a digital world filled with social profiles that we just don’t know who’s on the other end of.

First and foremost safety should be a big concern. It seems to take five minutes to create an email and a social profile these days. A man can be a woman a woman can be a man it’s can be all true or just as easily all a smoke screen. The point is no matter how you may feel it is the unknown that brings risk and that risk can be mitigated.

Don’t put yourself in unsafe position meeting somebody that you only communicated with over the computer. Even if you’ve gotten their cell phone and you’ve sent photos and text you truly don’t know if it’s a throwaway phone if it’s a real phone or if the pictures are truly real.It could just as easily be a predator, rapist or a really good human being.

Look we all have those friends who use a ten year old photo on their business profile or cards and this is something you’ll probably figure out very fast on your own. However what you don’t want to figure out on your own is that they have a drug problem, they are on parole, they have a history of domestic violence or they are married with kids at home. Running a background check on someone you are going to meet and spend your time with, be alone with and even possible drink with is a responsible and smart decision. Do not put yourself in vulnerable position unnecessarily.

Your safety, time and your experience that you have can be life changing in a good way or a bad way. It’s not all just down right scary so you should hurry out and run a background check. More often you meet someone and think hey this person seems great and decide to spend more time with them. After further exposing what you drive and where you live and things about yourself. You could even really like this person hoping it keeps moving along. Then you later find out they have a drug addiction which you would have known had you seen the multiple arrests for drug and

paraphernalia charges on his record. Your a single parent and meet someone who seems cool and you start seeing them a little more or even bringing them around your kids. You end up finding out that you child’s other parent has done a background check on who you are dating find out that who you are seeing has domestic violence or child endangerment charges or even multiple DUI’s.

When people are single there is not doubt that there will people we decide to date that we didn’t have a bad time with but wouldn’t do it again. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had that psycho person that kept calling or wouldn’t take the hint or even no for the answer but someone you know has and it doesn’t just always happen to someone we know it will eventually one way or another happen to us all. From the worst case scenario of exposing yourself to physical danger, exposing yourself to child custody problems to falling in love with a herion addict… you would be doing the right thing by doing a background check!

How do you pick the right person to use for your background search?

So now you have decided to do a background check so who do you use because frankly this can be confusing and make some people give up or not even do it. If you jump online and search background checks you will see all these companies pop up with words like instant background check, find anyone’s past  in seconds, national background checks, free backgrounds and any other tag to get you to click on them, don’t waste you money. Here is the bottom line.

I will try to break it down by first saying that there are multiple different search engines that are available and while some are better than others they often come up with some information that the other didn’t have on it. Now that information may or may not end up being a smoking gun but in some cases you were one report from finding exactly what you needed to know.

Most of those online search companies are their own search engine and the report they generate is from a list of places they are set up to check with no disclosed information on where they checked, how they came up with the info or how complete it is. You get a report and assume it is a good one and that it is very inclusive and you have no concerns but it is a false sense of security for sure. With that being said you will put in your search info and then your credit card and in the small print you are signing up for a monthly billing that you will later have to cancel and if you forget you get another monthly billing.

Most people think it is going to be to expensive to even call a private investigator for a background check.

I mean just talking about calling a private investigator sound expensive. We get that vision in our head of someone spending hours of billable time to look into someones background. The truth is some PI’s are set up better for this exact kind of thing than other being able to offer their clients simple background checks that encompass multiple search engines that only licensed private investigator, attorneys and law enforcement investigators use. They can run multiple reports from the best professional resources for your background check which are incomparable to online background check services.

What is it going to cost?

Cost is important and I understand that and Im not here to sell you the old saying “You get what you pay for” what i am here to tell you is most of those background check companies online give you a low cost background that is an amount of money research has determined the online shopper will easily depart with and a report that is about as complete as the cost. The reality of it is the $30 searches are about $30 with of the background unfortunately if you haven’t read this you would pay the $30 bucks and think you did a background search when what you did was get some information their automated program found and emailed you. The average background check including multiple resources checked should be about $100 and depending on if social media, cell phone, address and what reports upwards of $150. This would include a professional licensed investigator who cares and is personally involved reading these reports and spending the time to give you as much information as possible.

Here is what you should have ready to start a background check. Make a list of everything you have including name, date of birth, pictures, social profiles, cell phone number, email address, work place, car etc. put all of this information in a format you can email it for your investigator. Obviously the more you have the more that can be researched. Example would be starting with name and date of birth, social profiles to checking cell phone, addresses, business licenses etc.

I feel like a bad person for secretly checking someone’s background.

Well if this is a feeling you have your not alone. Even if you were a private investigator who was going to date you’d feel the same but it is definitely not something that should stop you nor is there anything wrong with being safe. As a matter of fact most of us have a responsibility to make sure we are safe whether that be for ourselves which it should be but also for our kids or family. You promised your parents you would be smart and safe and you have a responsibility to your children. Do not let unwanted drama or problems into your work, person life or the lives around you. if you know ahead of time you are much more likely to have a relaxed good time or to move on.