Something has happened and you feel like you partner is cheating on you… its time to jump online and hire a private investigator and fast! Right? Hold on a minute and lets talk about some pros and cons and also a little on when and who because that is a very important part of this equation.

The first question is do you really want to know?

I know that is one of those questions your probably asking yourself did he just really ask me that?! Well here is why this is important. Over the years I have seen numerous cases where the client hired the PI and figured out that it was true their partner was cheating but afterwards never left that partner. They spent the stressful time and lots of money to confirm along with the heart ache of knowing for what? The second reason I ask is that many people believe that if their spouse is cheating on them they can hire a PI and in four hours following one evening they are gonna find out which is almost never the case. While every investigation is different there is one thing that seems to be the same is being at the right place at the right time! Having an experienced, aggressive investigator whom also knows the case and clearly knows how to best place themselves in the right place at the right time.

Should you have a discussion or confront your partner or hold off?

HOLD OFF! It seems to be something easier said than done but keeping quiet is only going to help the investigation. Many people in the heat of the moment may threaten their partner with “getting to the bottom of something” or tell them that “they have already had them followed” any of these type of things will only make your partner more aware that a private investigator is on your mind, that you have and or will hire one. The most important thing to do is stay quiet and discuss this with a professional private investigator to develop a plan.

Should you collect information for the investigator?

The first thing you should do is talk to a professional about what is happening and where you are at right now. If you start going threw their wallet, car, phone, computer etc or following them or making calls of numbers you found you will most likely either get caught or alert them that you are investigating them. Even if they do not think you have hired a professional anything that puts them on a higher level of alert may only make things harder in the future.

With that being said there are some things that would be helpful to have written out and ready for an investigator in a secret location being a must.

  • All parties names (although you don’t have to write a book about personalities of the parties involved be prepared to at least discuss it)
  • Pictures are always good. People, cars or anything you have that you feel would be helpful
  • Vehicle description and license plate
  • Addresses such as work, gym, family or friends along with any gate codes
  • Known places they like to go such as cities, gym, bars or restaurants
  • Schedule they may normally have such as when they leave for work, go to the gym etc
  • Things they like or have normally done over the years such as going a lot to see the Angels play or like to see a certain type of band play. It is helpful to note if there are things that they loved to do that you have not been doing together anymore.
  • Neighbors or friends to be aware of. Every neighborhood has a nosy person that watches everything going on and is in everyone else business. If this is the case it is good to let your investigator know.
  • Similarly you would want to write down any other parties you believe to be involved and what you know about them

When should you hire a private investigator?

If you have read the above and have this information together you are more than ready. It is always good to consult with a private investigator if you have feeling that your partner is being unfaithful before you find yourself becoming the investigator yourself and getting caught or not finding the full truth. If you are reading this article you are most likely in need of professional advise.

Who are you going to hire to do your investigation and how do you know they are good?

This is probably the most important decision you can make in getting to the truth. Let’s start with personality even though it is arguably not more important than experience the bottom line is if you don’t feel comfortable with their personality you are not going to have a good experience and possibly not achieve the desired goal. You must have a person you trust and feel comfortable with. You will most likely be spending a lot of time going over the details of your case together. It is very important to find an investigator with lots of surveillance experience. You want them to not just hire out to another surveillance guy but be right there involved in your case.