Theo Lacy Facility Jail

Post a bail bond in Theo Lacy Facility

Theo Lacy Facility
501 City Dr. South
Orange, CA – 92868
Phone: 714-647-4666
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The Theo Lacy Facility is a jail facility (maximum security) located in the City of Orange, California. Its street address is 501 City Dr., South Orange, CA 92868. The facility phone number is: 714-647-4666. It houses a maximum of 3,111 inmates, and covers 11 acres, adjacent to the Orange County Animal Shelter and the Orangewood Children’s Home. Inmates at the jail range from those individuals charged or sentenced for misdemeanor crimes, as well as for felonies. Some inmates have already been sentenced and are awaiting their transfer to a facility in the California state prison system. The facility is overseen by a staff of over 450 employees, and includes both sworn peace officers as well as jail administrative staff. The facility, named for former county sheriff Theo Lacy, opened in 1960, and has undergone a number of expansion projects to alleviate overcrowding issues.

theo lacy jail location

A bail bond company can help in your situation, or the situation of a loved one at the Theo Lacy Facility. By contacting a bail bond firm, arrangements can be made for the firm to post bond or bail so that the incarcerated person can be released from the facility. A bail bond company usually requires a fee of 10 to 15% of the actual cash bail required by the court. This fee can vary from court to court, and among different bail bond companies. All bail bond companies in the state of California must follow rules set by the state, and are overseen by the Insurance Department of California as the regulating agency.

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