Do You Have a Warrant?

What do you do when you have an outstanding warrant or even suspect that you do?  Call Chad Conley Bail Bonds right away at our toll free number:  1-855-223-2423.  Avoid the hassle and embarrassment of an arrest!  We will prepare you for bail and get bail posted immediately.

The bail process for warrants is unique in that if a warrant has been issued on an individual, they don’t necessarily have to be taken into custody in order for a bail bond to be posted; it depends on the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued.  In many cases, bail can be posted without the defendant present and without the defendant surrendering to the warrant.  Yet, some jurisdictions require the booking process before bail can be posted, and if that is the case, we will prepare defendant for bail in advance and post bail immediately following booking resulting in the quickest release possible.

Bail Release Requirements for Southern California Jurisdictions:

Where to Locate Warrants and Bail Bond Posting Options

There are better and more appropriate times and facilities to post bail.  Think smaller jails, which are much easier to work with.  Think timing; shift changes cause delay, and more convenient days are usually Monday and Tuesday.  Below is a listing of where to obtain warrant information and tips on posting bail:

Orange County Sheriff Warrant

For a warrant in Orange County

Warrant check phone 714-834-6472

Defendant does need to be present.  Up until recently we could post a bond recalling the warrant without the defendant present recalling the warrant and getting a court date. Now they want you to come in to court and post the bond with your bondsman. A court date will be given at the time of posting.  The court date is usually approximately 30 days away unless domestic or similar cases, which are approximately 5 days.

Posting: Until recently you could post a bond during the day with the court and after hours at the Sheriff IRC. Now we may only post at the court. There has to be a booking or case number in their system to accept the bond. Warrants without booking or case number mostly known as a Ramey Warrant the defendants must turn themselves in to be booked prior to being eligible for bond.

San Diego County Sheriff Warrant

For a warrant in San Diego County

Warrant check phone 858-974-2110

Defendant does not need to be present.

Posting: San Diego Sheriff only accepts bonds for warrants at one location.

San Diego County Sheriff Administration Center

9621 Ridgehaven Ct. San Diego, CA 92123

Riverside County Sheriff Warrant

For a warrant in Riverside County

Warrant check phone 951-955-2430

Defendant does not need to be present.

No online warrant search

Can look up case numbers only through court (cost $1 per search)

Posting: Bail bonds can be posted only at courthouse.

LA County Sheriff Warrant

For a warrant in Los Angeles County

Defendant must be present and be booked at sheriff station.

Warrant can only be looked up through court website.

Sheriff instructs people to drive to the sheriff station and ask if they have a warrant. They are answered with handcuffs and arrest if they do. They say it is their policy, which they cannot share that instructs them to give out no information to anyone other than law enforcement.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Warrant

For a warrant in San Bernardino County

Defendant must be present and be booked at sheriff station.

Warrants can only be looked up online.

Searches can be done by court name, case number or calendar. Minutes for each case must be checked.

What the defendant should bring when surrendering themselves:

California Drivers License or ID

Socks – often times they will take their shoes and you don’t want to be bare foot

Jeans or shorts, t-shirt, socks, shoes and light sweater

Do not bring anything else. No wallet, keys, jewelry or especially phone

I recommend the defendant be dropped-off – don’t worry about car

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