Why should you post a bail bond instead of leaving inmate in jail?

  1. First impressions are extremely important! The individual in custody will be transported from the county jail to the court house on the morning of court. They will enter the court room in a jumpsuit with handcuffs and shackles. They will be placed in a cage off to the side of the court room where they will address the court from. I believe that there is a major difference in standing in front of a judge and the entire court room in a suit and tie not in custody and being behind a cage wearing a jail jumpsuit, shackled and cuffed coming from a dirty jail cell. If your case goes to trial you will be viewed this way by all jurors!
  2. Secondly I believe you are in a much better position to make any deals. People that are in custody and cannot secure their own release tend to plead out faster which does not lend itself to making the best deal.
  3. You may not receive a jail sentence and were in jail for nothing!
  4. Jail is not the place to leave anyone. People get hurt and in additional trouble while incarcerated. You may be mad or disappointed at this moment they are in there and may even be questioning if you should leave them in to teach them a lesson for a little bit. This is not the place to do it.
  5. More quality time with your attorney! The attorney may have given you one price for your case so why would it matter? Let’s say you were out of custody and were going to have a 1 hour meeting about your case. You would make an appointment show up at their office, spend an hour and leave. If you were in custody the attorney would have to get in his car, drive to the jail, pay to park, wait up to an hour for them to get you from you jail cell, have a meeting where it is not totally private, drive back to his office. This turns a one hour meeting into a 3 to 4 hour meeting. It becomes almost half the attorney’s day to have a one hour meeting. There has to be an associated cost verse hours spent or they would be out of business.
  6.  Inmates left in jail are stereotyped as having no one that loves or supports them, believes in their innocence and financially disadvantaged. Some people believe that people in jail are there for a reason.
  7. Wife, husband, kids, job, animals are waiting. Most people cannot disappear from work or be incarcerated and still keep their job. People are counting on them even if unemployed this can be an emotional trauma to kids involved. Generally if you are going to court being charged with a crime you are much better off to have a job than be unemployed.
  8. Bubba is you cell mate. Jails have different housing areas for them most part however just because you are in jail with someone that just got a probation violation or drug sales does not mean they do not have a very different past. Often time’s inmates will be placed in 100 man cells. There is a wide variety of personalities and expectations in these environments.
  9. Fighting your case will cost money. In addition to losing a job and not supporting yourself and/ or your family, bills, car payments etc you will may have court fees, fines, attorney fees, investigation fees, DMV fees or child support order that could trigger another court altogether.
  10. Does the county charge fees and or fines for your incarceration where you live? This is not always a straight forward answer in all places.